October 20, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1329

The Iraqi Ba'th Party Issues a Hit List

October 20, 2006
Iraq | Special Dispatch No. 1329

The disbanded Iraqi Ba'th Party issued, on September 5, 2006, a hit list of Iraqi political, judicial and military figures, referred to as criminals, collaborators and renegades, targeted for punishment (assassination).

The document, shaped as a flyer (see appendix) was issued by the Dhe Qar Directorate of Operation "Special Operations," and addressed to the commanders of the special units, informing them that the order was approved by the secretary-general of the party and the acting commander-in-chief of the armed forces. The reference is to Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, who was Saddam Hussein's vice president and remains on the most wanted list in Iraq, with a reward of $20 million for his capture.

The following is the original hit list of those targeted for assassination. MEMRI Baghdad has provided the information in brackets on the current or previous positions or titles of the vast majority of those appearing on the hit list:

1. Abd al-Aziz al-Hakim: [Head of the Supreme Command of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq and head of the

ruling Shi'ite coalition in the Iraqi Parliament

2. 'Ammar Abd al-Hakim: [The son of, and often the spokesman for, Abd al-Aziz al-Hakim, and second- ranking official in SCIRI]

3. Hadi al-'Ameri: [Member of Parliament, head of the Badr Militia (SCIRI)]

4. Sadr al-Din al-Qabanchi: [One of the leaders of the Sadrist movement]

5. Muwafaq al-Rabi'i: [Member of Parliament and National Security Adviser]

6. Nuri al-Maliki: [Current Prime Minister]

7. Ali al-Adib: [Member of Parliament, Da'wa Party]

8. Jalal al-Saghir: [Member of Parliament]

9. Ibrahim al-Ja'fari: [Former prime minister]

10. Baqir Jaber Solagh: [Former minister of interior]

11. Ahmad al-Chalabi: [Head of Iraqi National Congress and former deputy prime minister]

12. Abd al-Karim al-Inzi: [Member of Parliament, head of Da'wa Party - Tandhim al-Iraq]

13. Akram al-Hakim: [Member of Parliament, cousin of Abd al-Aziz al-Hakim]

14. Muqtada al-Sadr: [Radical Shi'ite cleric and head of the Mahdi Army]

15. Abd al-Hadi Al-Darraji: [Head of al-Sadr Movement in Baghdad]

16. Salam al-Maliki: [Member of Parliament, former minister of transportation]

17. Baha al-Din Ali al-A'raji

18. Hazem al-Sha'lan: [Former minister of defense in the Allawi government]

19. Hussein al-Shahristani: [Minister of Oil, a physicist imprisoned by Saddam for refusing to work on nuclear program]

20. Hamid Majid Moussa: [Secretary-General of the Communist Party and Member of Parliament]

21. Abd al-Karim Mahud al-Mahmadani: [Head of Hizbullah]

22. Ghazi al-Yawer: [Member of Parliament, former interim president of Iraq]

23. Intifadh Qanbar: [Former aide to al-Chalabi, currently at the Iraqi Embassy in Washington, D.C.]

24. Ayad Allawi: [Former interim prime minister and head of the Iraqiya list in parliament]

25. Rasim al-Awadi: [Member of Parliament, Iraqiya list]

26. Mahmud al-Mashhadani: [Speaker of Parliament]

27. Jalal Talabani: [President of Iraq]

28. Mas'oud Barzani: [President, Regional Government of Kurdistan]

29. Fuad Ma'sum: [Minister of Planning]

30. Adel abd al-Mehdi: [Vice President of Iraq]

31. Sa'doun al-Duleimi: [Member of Parliament]

32. Wafiq al-Samara'i: [Security Adviser to the President of Iraq]

33. Fallah al-Naqib: [Former minister of interior in Allawi's government]

34. Tha'ir al-Naqib: [National Accord Party]

35. Muhammad Abdallah Al-Shahwani: [Head of Military Intelligence]

36. Ayad Jamal al-Din: [A liberal cleric, Member of Parliament]

37. Tariq al-Hashemi: [Vice President of Iraq and head of the Islamic Party. His brother, Gen. Amer al-Hashemi, an adviser to the Minister of Defense, was assassinated on October 9, 2006. The Iraqi Ba'th Party operating from Syria claimed responsibility for the assassination]

38. Ayad al-Samara'i: [Member of Parliament, Islamic Party]

39. Abbas al-Bayati: [Member of Parliament, Turkmen]

40. Wa'il abd al-Latif: [Member of Parliament from Basra, Iraqiya list]

41. Jawad al-Bulani: [Member of Parliament, Da'wa Party]

42. Ali al-Lami: [Member of Parliament, Iraqi Coalition]

43. Judge Ra'ouf Rashid Abd al-Rahman: [Trial judge in the al-Dujail case. There was a failed attempt on his life on September 28, 2006, which resulted in the death of his brother-in-law and his nephew]

44. Ja'far al-Musawi: [Chief Prosecutor in the Supreme Criminal Court]

45. Munqidth al-Far'oun: [Prosecutor in the Supreme Criminal Court]

46. Rashid Juhi: [Investigative judge of Saddam Hussein]

47. Mithal al-Alousi: [Head of the Nations Party and Member of Parliament]

48. Qassim Daoud: [Former state minister in Allawi's government]

49. Maj.General Mahdi Sabeeh al-Gharawi: [Secretary-General, Ministry of Interior]

50. Maj. Gen. Hussein Ali Kamal: [In charge of Baghdad command, Ministry of Interior]

51. Maj. Gen. Rashid Flaih

52. Maj. Gen. Ahmad al- Khafaji: [Former secretary-general, Ministry of Interior]

53. Maj. Gen. Mohammad Zaidan

54. Maj. Gen. Mohammad Al-Nu'mah

55. Maj. Gen. Mohammad Dhu al-Fiqar: [Military commander, Ministry of Defense]

56. Brig. Gen. Abd al-Salam Shahwan: [Commander, Wolf Brigade, Ministry of Defense]

57. Brig. Gen. abd al-Jalil Khalaf Shwail al-Mahmadawi: [Ministry of Defense]

58. Brig. Gen. Najm al-Iqabi: [Commander, Hamza Group, Ministry of Defense]

59. Brig. Gen. Abbas Hussein Al-Musawi

60. Brig. Gen. Karim Nasser: [Ministry of Defense]

61. Judge Muhammad al-Uraibi Majid al-Khalifa: [Presiding judge over Saddam Hussein's Anfal Trial. Name was not on the original list, but it was a handwritten notation]


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