June 23, 2016 Special Dispatch No. 6490

Indian Urdu Daily Roznama Sahafat: 'Orlando Shooting - The Conspiracy To Make Donald Trump America's President'; 'American Intelligence Agencies Themselves Carried Out The Two Air Attacks [On 9/11]'

June 23, 2016
Special Dispatch No. 6490

In a recent article, an Indian Urdu daily argued that there was a connection between the recent shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando and the election campaign of Donald Trump, insinuating that the attack was an American intelligence plot to ensure Trump's victory in the coming presidential election.

The article, titled "Orlando Shooting - The Conspiracy To Make Donald Trump America's President," was published by Roznama Sahafat, which is published from the Indian cities of Mumbai, New Delhi and Lucknow, and is known for being a pro-Iranian newspaper that stands for Shia interests.

The article went on to argue that the American intelligence agencies plotted and successfully executed the 9/11 attacks in order to bring down the Taliban government in Afghanistan, thereby ensuring the security of the state of Israel.

Following are excerpts from the article:

"The Americans Themselves Have Admitted That Muslims Do Not Have Any Connection With The Terror Attacks Of 9/11"

"A storm has been caused in the entire world, especially in the West, due to the killing of 49 people in an attack by a mentally ill person in Orlando, America. Anti-Muslim forces are making all-out efforts to link this incident to Muslims and their attempts are achieving success of the kind that they had achieved after the 9/11 attacks of 2001 - despite that many stories and machinations that have emerged about the terror attacks of 9/11 during past 14-15 years.

"Numerous viewpoints have been presented regarding this [incident]. The Americans themselves have admitted that Muslims do not have any connection with the terror attacks of 9/11; rather, it was the work of the enemies of America and Muslims present in and outside America, causing the loss of about 4,000 human lives."

"Independent studies of the 9/11 attacks have brought many revelations, and it has been said that in order to bring down the regime of the Islam-loving Taliban in Afghanistan, American intelligence agencies themselves carried out the two air attacks [on 9/11] so that the entire blame could be put on the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, and the regime of the Al-Qaeda-supporting Taliban could be terminated.

"It turned out exactly that way. By declaring war against terror in the entire world, America targeted the Taliban government first. It is said that the Taliban had become so powerful that during their pure Islamic rule, stealing, banditry, tribal fights, murders and killings, shamelessness and debauchery, obscenity, and same-sexuality had been in a way stopped. People were liberated from drug addiction..."

"The Conspiracy For The 9/11 Terror Attacks Was Hatched And It Was Implemented Very Successfully; America Did All Of This In Order To Ensure The Security Of Israel..."

"It is also said about the Taliban that they were seriously pondering assisting the intrepid Palestinians and saving them from the atrocities of Israel. Also, due to the good treatment of women prisoners, European women were being influenced by Islamic teachings.

"America and its allies' sixth sense perhaps grasped that if the Taliban were not removed from power, then Israel would not have peace because Afghan inhabitants are famous in that they are never afraid of killing or being killed. This nation can uproot Israel brick by brick.

"Therefore, America and its allies immediately sensed this danger and it is known to the world what followed thereafter. The conspiracy for the 9/11 terror attacks was hatched and it was implemented very successfully. America did all of this in order to ensure the security of Israel, but with the cooperation of their men and sympathizers present in America, Israeli agents spread such a network of spies whose roots have seeped into the U.S. government. Perhaps, no [government] department of America may be safe from the radar of Israeli intelligence agencies."

"Who Are The Enemies Of Muslims? Why Do They Want To Defame Muslims? The Answer To These Questions Is This: Israel Is The Biggest Enemy Of Muslims"

"Who are the enemies of Muslims? Why do they want to defame Muslims? The answer to these questions is this: Israel is the biggest enemy of Muslims and using the pretext of its enmity against Muslims, it is exploiting America and other European countries very cleverly and rather deceitfully. The government of the Earth's illegitimate state of Israel wants to slander Muslims so that the sympathy that is found regarding Palestinians in the world, especially in the West, can be eliminated because even today the majority of Christians are against Israel.

"Rather, Israel and its secret agencies, especially Mossad, are trying time and again to incite Christians against Muslims so that Israel's occupation on the pious land of Palestine can be maintained. And it can continue the destruction and demolition of the sacred places in Palestine and the killings of Palestinian children, elders, youths and women [so that] no one raises a voice against the trampling of their rights; [so that] it can continue to trample the piety of Jerusalem as it wills; [so that] it can continue the Satanic series of sacrilege of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and take it under its full control.

"With the aid of its Satanic mind set, the Israeli government, by hatching new conspiracies, is pushing the Muslims and the West against each other. Its purpose is only to ensure its existence. To achieve this objective, Israel is using America and its politicians very fraudulently. Perhaps, the American government and its politicians too sense this but they cannot speak against it because their tongues have been sealed by locks of compulsions."

"Who Will Benefit Most From This Mental Act Of Omar Mateen? The Answer Is Clear That Donald Trump Will Benefit Directly"; "There Is A Connection Somewhere Between The Orlando Shooting Incident And The Election Campaign Of Donald Trump"

"This incident [in Orlando] caused a storm throughout America because the attacker's name is Omar Mateen. In such a situation, the likely presidential candidate of the Democratic [sic] party and other politicians of the tribe, [as well as] philosophers, journalists and organizations that are enemies of Islam, have unanimously speeded up their efforts to link this incident to Muslims. In this effort, Donald Trump, the likely presidential candidate of the Republican Party, is at the forefront. Once again, he has started spewing poison against Muslims.

"He doesn't feel shame when declaring that after coming to power he will ban the entry of Muslims from all those countries that pose a threat to the security of America. Donald Trump... is playing the Muslim-enmity card in order to grab the respected position of the U.S. president and is poisoning the hearts of large-hearted and large-minded Americans with Muslim enmity. He wishes to take political advantage of the attack by Omar Mateen on the gay club in Orlando. Now the question is: Who will benefit most from this mental act of Omar Mateen? The answer is clear that Donald Trump will benefit directly...

"There is a connection somewhere between the Orlando shooting incident and the election campaign of Donald Trump..."


Source: Roznama Sahafat (India), June 22, 2016.


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