January 6, 2016 Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1218

II. Jihadis Pose For The Camera With Severed Heads

January 6, 2016
Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1218

Tweets promoting ISIS movie "Message to the agents of the Tyrants," posted on

(@ArianasHedges, July 10, 2015)


(@eshraqa5, August 1, 2015)


(@eyes_omah, August 4, 2015)


"Apostate's" heads are carried around by an ISIS member: "They (ISIS) reject beheading of kuffar and apostates, saying it distorts the image of Islam, but they consider beheading the mujahideen bringing them closer to Allah"

(@abdalrhmanua07, June 5, 2015)

Speculation remains as to whether the beheaded woman below was the well-known female Kurdish fighter Rehana.


"You mean this?"

(@Ibn_salahaddin3, February 17, 2015)


"Best picture :)"

(@FlamesOfWar1, November 26, 2014)


"Oh Allah, enable the soldiers of the Caliphate State, their families, and their descendants, who sacrifice their dearest, with victory and 'Izz - #The_Islamic_State_Liberates_Division_17"; across image: "Harvesting the Nusairi heads [who were] fleeing from the 17th Division [of the Syrian army]" Caption: "One of the Nusairi [Alawite/Assad] officers [who were] fleeing from the 17th Division [of the Syrian army]" 





Top: "This is the merchandise of the Shi'ites [Asai'b] Ahl Al-Haq [militia] returned to them #Iraq" Bottom: "Slaughtering a filthy Rafidite [Shi'ite] by the hands of the #ISlamic_State lions, #Iraq"



"SEND THIS pic to every Irani Iraqi or general Shiite filth you know, this will be their fate. ameen"



"Behead those who insult Islam!!!"



"#Urgent Al-Joulani's scum execute five detained soldiers of the #Islamic State and tortured the body of one of the Muslims in al-Shaheel [Syrian village].. Allah is [all] we need and [He] is the best protector"



Sahwat News: "This liar says that the (Islamic) State executed these Muslims in Al-Raqqa, but the truth is that they are Nusairis [Alawites/Assad regime] whom the [Islamic] State executed in the liberation of the Al-Tanahuj checkpoint"



"One of the apostates after he cut off the head of a dead mujahid brother from the [Arabian] Peninsula, the mujahideen cut off his head [while he was] alive in #Homs #Syria"

(@shamee_1, June 14, 2013)


"A head of #Russian mercenary in east Ghoutta, any American?"

(@Islamic_States, November 22, 2013)


"Jund Al-Sham western #rural Homs [Syria], reaping the heads of the Nusairis [Alawites/Assad regime members] #storming the Nusairi village of Qomaira, praise be to Allah"

(@sada_sham, November 24, 2013)


"Your fate oh #Rafidite [i.e. Shi'ite] oh worshipper of the graves...!"


(@www7116, May 4, 2014)


"#Islamic State #Syria cutting the heads of the apostates' #PKK secular [members] in the state of #Aleppo"

(@abu0baker, February 16, 2014)


"This will be their condition with the permission of The One and Only"

(@pak_taliban, February 12, 2014)


"Let it be a lesson to those who consider"

(@leadeer_, March 2, 2014)


"A recently severed head of an apostate, by a lion of the Islamic State, Your slaughter is a duty upon us"



"Praise Allah, lord of worlds, this Nusairi [Alawite/member of the Assad regime] is a Dean, a Doctor, [and] an engineer, whose name is Mahmoud. He was slaughtered by the soldiers of the Islamic State. Get satisfied [from the image] oh monotheist"

(@abohoor2013, March 16, 2014)


"#Islamic State #Syria cutting the head of a #Nusairi [Alawite/Assad regime] officer. You will not find his news in the hashtags of the hyenas, foxes, and worms..!" (Mar 17, 2014)

(@abu0baker, March 17, 2014)


"In the name of God, no no, we do not need to return to brutality. This is a modest gift"

(@shooor111, March 18, 2014)


"Cleansing of #PKK Ultra Nationalist abomination in Syria #ISIS"

(@AbuBakAljanabi, March 19, 2014)


"Slaughtering a criminal from the PKK criminals in Tal Khanzeer"

(@JehadNews, March 24, 2014)


"Realize that the heads of your lackeys in Syria will be cut off, and after which you will be next. And you shall see what will be done to you."

(@abotakua1, March 24, 2014)


"Al-Qaeda organization in Syria [i.e. a reference to Jabhat Al-Nusra] sends 200 soldiers to fight the Islamic State in Markadah [Al-Hasaka Governorate, Syria] I ask Allah to give them guidanceor else this will be their fate"

(@abotakua1, March 24, 2014)


"One of Assad's snipers in the outskirts of liberated #Lattakia #al-Anfal Battle. This is the end of any thug who hurt Muslims of #Syria, so behold [the glad tidings] of [being] slaughtered oh #Nusairis [Alawites/Assad regime]"

(@abdallahsaker, March 25, 2015)


"#Islamic State in Iraq and Syria The fate of Bashar soldier after found guilty by our lions of #ISIS"



"You remember those 2 heads? #ISIS just added a third. What better way to 'celebrate' than a group photo"

(@IraqiWitness, January 21, 2014)


"This is the destiny of all apostates"

(@Doula_news2, February 27, 2014)


"#Syria More slaughtered Regime soldiers in besieged #Homs"

(@JihadNews2, April 21, 2014)


Video of Rayat Al-Tawheed members having fun with severed heads of government troops



ISIS Members Display Head of Syrian Soldier, Threaten to Slaughter Enemies



ISIS Members In Syria Play With Severed Head

(June 15, 2014, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 4306)


III. Decapitated Bodies With Their Heads


(@s_jnnnj, June 15, 2015)


(@Sniper1_isis, August 7, 2015)


"This is how #ISIS executed 'Ehsan Al-Saqer' on charges of insulting the divine self, from Deir Ezzor!!"

(@DeirEzzor24, July 27, 2015)


(@ALRaip, November 1, 2015)


In ISIS-controlled area of Afghanistan

(@3mo_1333, June 29, 2015)


"#ISIS_Massacre_in_Deir_Zor, Massacre of Sunnis in #Deir_Zor" 

(@alhadth_sy, August 7, 2015)


"See how dark there faces are, dirty pigs. Now go see a martyred muajhids face subhanallah"



(@firatavci1989, July 5, 2015)


(@th89amer, June 11, 2015)


"Exclusive photos can now be viewed of the soldiers of the infidel regime"



"#Al-Raqqa, image from the Al-Naeem roundabout showing the #Islamic_State hanging the bodies of [the Syrian] regime members over the roundabout's fence"





"#Islamic State in Iraq and Syria 3 assad thugs that expected to win the war against #ISIS by west sleeping together"

(@abualbawi, December 14, 2013)


"#Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Al-Khair wilaya [i.e. Deir Al-Zour, Syria], #Battle of Al-Khair, one of Assad's dogs"

(@JehadNews, December 15, 2013)


"A cheerful morning with the cutting off of Nusairis' [Alawites'/Assad regime members'] heads :) My gift to you this morning"

(@a_q_h, December 17, 2013)


"When the Islamic State passes through here, the heads of the Rafidites [Shi'ites] fly [in the air] #Iraq"

(@s_1020_s, December 20, 2013)


"#ISIS beheaded a Nusairi [Alawite/Assad regime member] in #Syria"

(@omar00army, March 6, 2014)


"#Execution of prisoners of the [Islamic] State. With Allah's permission, oh Syrian Sahawat [Awakening] , the response to you is soon coming, and your fate will be just as the fate of your predecessors, with the permission of Allah the Almighty"

(@abotakua1, March 25, 2014)


"Image: JAN (Jabhat al-Nusra) behead Nusairi [Alawite/Assad regime member] soldier on the frontlines of Deir Ezzor +18"

(@SaqrAnsaar, April 5, 2014)


"Urgent, a picture of the criminal Sahawat [Awakening] member Qassami, who killed the martyr - with Allah's permission - Abu Muhammad al-Uzbeki. I swear in Allah, you were right in your promise [oh] Sheikh Abu Hafs al-Masri"

(@JehadNews, March 13, 2014)


IV. Severed Heads

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