August 24, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7639

Hizbullah Official Tamer Hamza: Like Insects, The Jews Will Not Change, Stealing Gold Is In Their Genes; "They Do Not Love Death; A Jew Would Rather Live 1,000 Years"

August 24, 2018
Lebanon | Special Dispatch No. 7639

Lebanese Shiite Sheikh Tamer Hamza, a Hizbullah official in the Beqaa region in Lebanon, said that the Jews have always been at the root of strife wherever they are and that the Quran describes them as "violators of treaties," to whom "humiliation and wretchedness" have adhered. Claiming that the Jews steal gold and "love money, especially gold and silver," Sheikh Hamza said that "it is in their genes, in their nature" and that they "must be dealt with as they deserve." The interview aired on the Bahraini Al-Maaref TV channel and was uploaded to the Internet on July 18.

The following are excerpts:

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"We Must Talk About The Jews And Their Characteristics In The Quran"

Sheikh Tamer Hamza:"Wherever they live, whatever area they occupy, and wherever they have a presence – we must bear in mind that the Jews are at the root of any strife."

Host: "[The Quran says:] "Humiliation has been stricken upon them."

Tamer Hamza: "That is one of the ways they are depicted in the Quran."

Host: "Right."

Tamer Hamza: "What we must do – and this requires separate study – is talk about the Jews and their characteristics in the Quran. As we have mentioned, one of their main characteristics is that they are violators of treaties and agreements. One of the characteristics that has stuck to them is humiliation and wretchedness. One of their main characteristics is that they do not love death. A Jew would rather live a thousand years without budging from this material world. They love…"

Host: "Their miserliness is strong…"

Tamer Hamza: "They love money, especially gold and silver. It is well known that when they moved from country to country… One of the strange paradoxes about Jews, both men and women, is that if they were masters, they would rob others of their gold, and if they were maids or slaves, they would steal the gold of their masters. This is a matter of history. It is in their genes, in their nature.


"The Entire Human Race Has Developed Except For The Jews... Allah Created Each Insect With Certain Instincts... The Same Is True For The Jews"

"There is another paradox. We find that all the nations and all human societies… Anyone who reads about the history of the human race knows that if they had descendents and consecutive generations to this day… We find that the entire human race has developed except for the Jews. There has been no development whatsoever when it comes to their characteristics. Take ants or other insects, for example. Allah created each insect with certain instincts, and from the day Allah created them until now, they have remained the same, and they will remain the same until Judgment Day. The same is true for the Jews.


The Jews "Have Evil Genes"

"The characteristics [of the Jews] in the days of the Prophet Muhammad, as described by the Quran, have not changed even in modern times."

Host: "They have evil genes…"

Tamer Hamza: "This society is strange, and they must be dealt with as they deserve, and in keeping with their existence, their nature, and the genes, so to speak, of which they are composed."

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