May 29, 2008 Special Dispatch No. 1936

Hamas Culture Minister: Bush Is a Dracula-Style Vampire; The Blood of Afghan Children Drips from His Fangs Onto His Lips and Chest

May 29, 2008
Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 1936

The following is the transcript of a speech delivered by Hamas Culture Minister Atallah Abu Al-Subh. The speech aired on Al-Aqsa TV on May 18, 2008.

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"I Can See the Blood of the Children of Afghanistan Between [Bush's] Fangs; Their Blood Drips Onto His Lips And Chest; He Is Dracula, a Vampire"

Atallah Abu Al-Subh: "American support of Israel is total. It gets to the point where the Israeli demands turn into resolutions adopted by the Security Council, under the complete auspices of America. Thank you, America!

"In every alley, house, and neighborhood, and [whenever they commit] a holocaust, the Israelis should erect a statue of little Bush, who gave them everything. This is not viewed as deplorable by the mistress of criminality, America, or by the master of killing, destruction, crime, violence, tyranny, and injustice – little Bush.

"I can see the blood of the children of Afghanistan between his fangs. Their blood drips onto his lips and chest. He is Dracula, a vampire. I can see the holocausts in which the Iraqi people is burned, the land that is being torn to shreds, the oil that is being plundered, and the four million Iraqis scattered throughout the land, or exiled in their own country.

"The forces of little Bush deny them their lives every morning. They destroy civilization and humanity, until the day comes when he can bring Israel the good tidings: In Baghdad, there is a nation that loves peace with the Israelis.

"All the Hatred... That Consumes People from Within are Matches Lit by Bush... [He] Thirsts for Blood Day and Night"

"He tells us that the situation in Damascus and Iran will inevitably change, and that the peoples and regimes there will be transformed into neo-Americans, who protect every Israeli smile, and welcome every bullet used to kill their Arab brothers.

"This is what is going on. These are the 'good tidings' Bush brings us. Afghanistan is being destroyed, Iraq is being destroyed – Qana, the Al-'Amariya shelter... All the hatred and all the fire that consumes people from within are matches lit by Bush. Bush will be [deemed] the worst human being – if I may go so far as to call him a human – throughout history. The deeds committed by Nero pale in comparison with Bush's deeds. The crimes of warlords like Mussolini, Hitler, and Franco cannot be compared to one-quarter of Bush's shoelace – let alone to his full height.

"Bush thirsts for blood day and night. He derives pleasure from killing. He has surpassed all types of crimes and all sadistic traits. That's Bush for you. With all his audacity and insolence, Bush tears the Arab land to shreds. He makes decisions and has the audacity to call for the killing of life, and the killing of any person fighting for his right to live. That's Bush for you."

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