January 16, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8501

Google Play Features App Used By White Supremacists, Antisemites To Avoid Purchasing Kosher Food; App Already Banned By Apple App Store, YouTube

January 16, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8501

An app available on Google Play is being praised by white supremacists seeking to avoid foods that are certified kosher. The app bills itself as "a tool to make you a better-informed consumer at the grocery store" and features "a database of products that DO NOT display an obvious kosher certification seal" so that "those consumers not requiring to follow strict religious dietary laws" may "exercise their dietary free will in choosing non-certified products." It also notes that it can be useful for "kosher-keeping shoppers."

The app has been promoted by neo-Nazis such as former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and his associate Dr. Patrick Slattery. In 2018, the app was removed from the Apple App store but it can still be purchased on Google Play.

One neo-Nazi KKK member on the Russian social media platform VK promoted the app in a December 7, 2019 post, and posted a screenshot of his review in the Google Play store. Other reviews show that the app is used by antisemites.

It is worth noting that the app has no Facebook or Instagram presence, though a few individual users have recommended it on those platforms.

The app has also been promoted by numerous white supremacist radio shows, and sponsored a neo-Nazi podcast.

The following report will examine the app and its reviews.


The App On Google Play

Some of the language in the app's description on Google Play has antisemitic undertones. Its statement that "[k]osher-certified food products have become a pervasive phenomenon in our kitchen cupboards and refrigerator shelves" alludes to the longstanding antisemitic trope of Jewish political and economic domination. The app has a Gab account where commenters have referred to the availability of kosher items as "Kosher supremacy."


On VK, a neo-Nazi and KKK affiliate shared a screenshot of his review of the app on Google Play. He wrote: "Just installed this on my phone for 2.99. Supporting our White Brothers." VK, whose policing is much more lax than that of mainstream platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, is commonly used by white supremacists.

Another review reads: "This app is great for avoiding food made by demons!"

A third reviewer wrote: "An excellent resource for those wishing to shop according to their own beliefs and values."

 A Google user wrote: "I never knew this industry existenced and was such a big business. It's shocking to think the amount of extra money I've paid to appease such a small percentage of the world's population. (Jews are around 2% of the world's population). This app will help you find foods so you can avoid paying the (((Kosher Tax)))[1]. Buy this app and become one of the goyim [non-Jews] that know."


The App On Twitter

The app's Twitter account is currently active. The account responded to the deletion of its YouTube account by tweeting at YouTube: "Just over one year ago your review team shut down the [app's] Channel w/o any strikes, charging us as being 'commercially deceptive.' This year we scientifically proved that the kosher-certification industry is deceptive."

The account tweeted: "The [app] began from an idea never before considered and now it fosters a burgeoning NKC (non-kosher certified) community. It can help recharge that latent identity that has been corrupted by modernity. There is much talent and many new ideas in our ranks! Support them & share the light!" The tweet included re-tweet of an article about the app in a white supremacist magazine.


The magazine tweeted back: "[The app] produced a 41-page quantitative study of the Kosher certification industry and kosher seals. How many on our side are doing this type of professional research? Not many, so be sure to support their work by getting their mobile app."

The app's Twitter account does not only discuss the app. For instance, it tweeted its disdain for a high school requirement that students read Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel's memoir Night: "look into our education system: Students used to learn of Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett and read Mark Twain. A HS sophomore today will have gotten none of this. Instead, 'Night' by Elie Wiesel is ASSIGNED READING for what used to be #Christmas, now holiday break."



[1] According to the idea of a "Kosher tax" that is promoted by antisemites, food companies and unwitting consumers are forced to pay money to support the Jewish religion or Zionist causes and Israel through the costs of kosher certification.

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