November 2, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10931

Friday Sermon In Passaic County, NJ By Islamic Scholar Yasir Fahmy: Zionism Is A Sick, Sadistic Cult; The Zionists Bribe Social Media Influencers And Elected Officials, But Cannot Prove Any Palestinian Savagery; They Are So Psychotic – They Really Believe Their Own Lies!

November 2, 2023
Palestinians, United States | Special Dispatch No. 10931

American Islamic scholar imam Yasir Fahmy said in an October 27, 2023 Friday sermon at the Islamic Center of Passaic County, NJ that Zionism is a "sick sadistic cult" that operates from a place of "pure self-interest" and employs nothing but propaganda and lies. He said that the Zionists bribe social media influencers and elected officials and have spent millions if not billions of dollars "running their mouths" about Palestinian savagery that they can't provide evidence of, while there is real evidence in support of the Palestinians. He said: "What is all this projection? Because sometimes, you become so psychotic and sociopathic you really believe your lies." The sermon was posted to the ICPC Paterson YouTube channel. Yasir Fahmy is a graduate of both Rutgers University and Egypt's Al-Azhar Islamic University.

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Zionism Is A "Sick, Sadistic Cult"; "All They Can Do Is Throw Money At Things... Bribing, Bribing, Bribing, That's All They Have; But Do You Know What The Other Side Has? IT Has Humanity"

Yasir Fahmy: "As we see everything that is happening right now, and we watch as the sick, sadistic cult known as Zionism – it's a sick and sadistic, ideological cult – it's a political cult that has taken over the administration of Israel. That movement operates from a place of pure self-interest. They're indoctrinated to no end, and all they have – and I mentioned in my first khutba when this thing started – all they have is the propaganda. All they have are the lies. All they can do is throw money at things.

"You know, since this all started, they've spent tens of millions of dollars in propaganda. They're going to 'balls to the wall' as they say, trying everything they can, bribing the social media influencers on TikTok and Instagram and Twitter. Bribing, bribing, bribing, that's all they have. But you know what the other side has? It has humanity.


"Tell me the Zionist Israel cult, who do they have? Who do they have on their side? It's anyone they have been able to purchase. It's elected officials, it's media outlets. That's what they have. And whatever cadre of indoctrinated, brainwashed, hysterical followers they have. But other than that, they have nothing. That's all they have. The Palestinian people, they have humanity on their side.


Zionists Spend "Millions If Not Billions" On Propaganda, But Cannot Prove "Palestinian Savagery"; They Are "So Psychotic And So Sociopathic" They Believe Their Own Lies

"Show me where the Palestinian savagery is, show me! You can't show me. You can talk about it. You can run your mouth. You can sell propaganda. That's what you do – that's what you have. Because that's all evil has. It can't show you.

"Palestinians today, any Palestinian walking around with a phone can open up and show the savagery of that regime. The Israeli regime has spent millions and millions if not billions of dollars talking about the savagery. We need psychologists and psychiatrists to sit here and analyze. What is all this projection? Because sometimes you become so psychotic and so sociopathic, you really believed your lies."


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