February 21, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 3604

Friday Sermon on Libyan TV Accuses Zionists, Americans of Instigating the Protests in the Middle East

February 21, 2011
Libya | Special Dispatch No. 3604

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon which aired on the Libyan Al-Jamahiriya TV on February 18, 2011:

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Preacher: "Oh Muslims, may Allah preserve the safety of your country. May Allah preserve your own safety, and the safety of your women and your children. Beware that they not be led astray, like our fellow Arabs, who share the same language with us. They were drawn by the deceiving media, and they took to the streets to sow corruption, thus assuming the character of the Jews, who spread corruption upon the land.


"Oh worshippers of Allah, see the slogan of the outlaws – I won't call them people who revolted against the regime – in Egypt, in Tunisia, and elsewhere. They chant a loathsome Zionist slogan: 'Topple the regime.' Is it appropriate for a Muslim to revolt against the regime?


"We call upon all noble Arabs and all free Muslims to remove the evil Al-Jazeera TV channel from the Arab satellites, because it does not want any good to happen to the Arabs. We call to remove Qatar, which sponsors Al-Jazeera TV, from the Arab League.


"In conclusion, oh Muslims, may Allah protect our country, Libya, which is too great to be left prey to the hateful Zionists and tyrannical Americans."[...]

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