May 9, 2007 Special Dispatch No. 1578

Friday Sermon in Kerman, Iran: If Iran Is Attacked, Tens of Thousands of Missiles Will Be Fired at Israel; President Bush Should Be Sentenced to 100 Deaths

May 9, 2007
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 1578

The following are excerpts from a Friday sermon in Kerman, Iran, delivered by Sayyid Yahyah Ja'fari. The sermon was aired on Kerman TV on May 6, 2007.

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Sayyid Yahyah Ja'fari: "As you can see, the killing in Iraq is outrageous. That international criminal, George Bush... If there is any justice in the world, undoubtedly, this man and his ilk, without a doubt, should be sentenced to 100 deaths. There is no doubt about it. Meanwhile, they hold all the power in their hands, and the world has not yet begun to confront them the way it should, even though these peoples have great power.

"The power of the world of Islam is great. The governments are dependent [upon America], and so they prevent the Muslim peoples from doing anything, and even if they were to do anything, it would be ineffective.

"These occupying, racist, and plundering Zionists kill the Palestinian children and youth on a daily basis. This is so sad, you could die of sorrow. They drive a people out of its land, and then, when it wishes to defend itself, they accuse it of terrorism. This is so sad. The international community remains silent. It has never done anything about it. On the other hand, if some Zionist goes to hell, then all the Western, American, and European media, as well as the Security Council, the U.N., and everyone else, go into action. However, if 100 Palestinians unjustly die a martyr's death on a single day – they don't care about it.

"The American threats are psychological warfare. You must know this. The Supreme Leader [Khamenei] recently said so. But let's assume that it isn't psychological warfare; with God's grace, our people, our strong army, our powerful Revolutionary Guards, our brave Basij volunteers – in sum, all our armed forces, of which we are proud – are in full readiness, and they will rub the invaders' noses in the mud."

Crowd: "Allah Akbar

"Allah Akbar"


Sayyid Yahyah Ja'fari: "According to our officials and political analysts, this will not happen – I only said it for the sake of argument – because some of the American officials have a little sense, and they realize that their interests throughout the world would be in danger, and that the plundering Israel would also be attacked severely by us. America is doing all these things in order to ensure Israel's security. If it acts stupidly and invades an Islamic country – especially a country like Iran – it should bear in mind that Israel will come under a very severe attack. Several days ago, the stupid Israeli prime minister said: 'We can attack the Iranian nuclear industry with 10,000 cruise missiles, and delay it for another 10 years.' Our response is that if he is planning to fire 10,000 missiles, we will fire tens of thousands of missiles on Tel Aviv and Israel."

Crowd: "Allah Akbar

"Allah Akbar."

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