April 17, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11282

Former IRGC General Saeed Ghasemi: Israel As A Collective Must Be Annihilated; They Artificially Grow Fetuses Like Hydroponic Plants To Create Robots Made Of Flesh

April 17, 2024
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 11282

IRGC General [Ret.] Saeed Ghasemi said on an April 14, 2024 show on Tehran TV [Iran], the day that Iran launched a missile and UAV attack on Israel, that Israel manufactures artificially-fertilized fetuses by the thousands. He described these as "robots made of flesh, explained that this is why it doesn't bother Israel to massacre children, and added: "This collective must be annihilated."

To view the clip of former IRGC General Saeed Ghasemi, click here or below:

"We Are Not Fighting Human Beings On The Other Side"; Israel Manufactures "Robots Made Of Flesh"; "This Collective Must Be Annihilated"

Saeed Ghasemi: "Since this [Israel] regime is a regime of bastards – this is an expression our Leader has used when referring to them... This is a regime of bastards. We are not fighting human beings on the other side.

"Ten years ago, they began to manufacture human being inside artificial fetuses, like the hydroponic bushes where you grow plants. I saw that they take 10,000 fetuses, on which they perform fertilization.

"Well, they are clearly producing robots made of flesh. They do not know what massacring children and morality even mean. This collective must be annihilated."

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