January 6, 2000 Special Dispatch No. 67

Fears of Normalization with Israel in the Syrian Media

January 6, 2000
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 67

In the article "The Peace of Zion," in the Syrian Arab Writers' Association weekly, Al-'Usbu' Al-Adabi, January 1, 2000, Zbeir Sultan writes:

"...The events following the notorious Camp David Accords proved that the peace of the Zionists is merely one form of the war they conduct against Arabs and Muslims. It pursues the goals of the Zionist scheme in a new way, different from the traditional warfare of armies and weapons. This kind [of war] wears white gloves [hiding] Satan's claws.

An overview of the normalization between, on the one hand, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority, and the Zionist enemy on the other, reveals that the latter did not relinquish its weaponry, but rather used it against those that reconciled and reached an agreement with them...

Egypt was the first Arab state to sign an agreement with the Zionist entity and through this experience we can examine the dirty Satanic methods used [by the Zionist Entity] to destroy the society and economy [of Egypt], as well as its military, physical, spiritual and cultural powers...

The Zionist embassy in Cairo has been a den of spies since day one. Zionist officials running this dirty embassy have admitted to that... Then, the 'Academic Center for Israeli Studies' was established. This center brought the works of weaklings to Egyptian society, especially in the fields of economy and culture, and even regarding Egyptian family, marriage, divorce, military service, unemployment, etc.... Externally, it look likes an academic research [institution], but in reality, it is [one of] espionage and Zionist plots, aimed at destroying the fabric of Egyptian society...

Surely, any reader remembers some of these methods, including the spreading of AIDS in Egypt through pretty, HIV positive, Jewish girls who came from Israel in order to sell themselves to Egyptian youngsters seeking pleasure. The Egyptian police caught many of them and their stories were published in the Egyptian press.

Egyptian authorities also discovered Zionist gifts for children made of animal-shaped chewing gum. An examination of this [gum] discovered that it causes …sterility. For university students [the Zionists] dispensed chewing gum that arouses sexual lust...

Some may also remember that in 1997 the Zionist Ministry of Tourism said that the Zionists send eleven Israeli Casino-boats to Egypt in regular cruises of gambling and sex.

The Zionists have not missed a single dirty method to shake Egyptian society, even its religion and beliefs. Is it not true that some Egyptian youngsters have a new religion called Satan worship that rejects the Koran and the New Testament and sanctifies Satan? This religion has [followers] in Cairo and Alexandria from among the elite of Egyptian celebrities.

The [Zionist] entity received groups of terrorists wanted by the Egyptian authorities and the Zionist universities opened their gates to Egyptian youth who do not qualify for Egyptian universities, so they could graduate as Zionist spies of Egyptian identity. What was discovered in the trial of the spy 'Imad 'Azzam [sic] reveals the Zionist effort to recruit young Egyptians to spy against their own country.

Even the Egyptian soil is not safe from the Satanic war waged by Zionism [against the Arabs]. Tens of thousands of tons of seeds were sent [to Egypt] through agricultural deals with the Zionist Entity. These seeds destroyed the Egyptian soil, rendering part of it infertile.

Therefore, it is no wonder that all honorable Arabs and most of our own people in Egypt blame the Zionist enemy for the Egyptian airplane crash in the US sky, because this airplane had 33 military officers of various ranks on board, most of whom were pilots. These pilots had finished their training on the most modern fighters and the Zionists saw them as a threat to their [security] and their goals of weakening the Arabs and paralyzing their [military] capability. The Zionists protest to the world and the US against the weapon deals with Egypt, even though they know that Egyptian weaponry is far inferior to the Zionist Enemy's arsenals. Nevertheless, the Zionist Enemy sees it as a threat.

The Zionist enemy does not refrain from any crime against Arabs, especially against those it thinks may pose a threat in the future. Let us remind the reader of the case... of the student Ahmad Al-Jamal who was murdered in London after developing a new technique in the nuclear industry... A number of British policemen, bought by the Mossad, murdered him...

How can anyone who murders a student who discovered a new nuclear technique not murder 33 [military] officers...? Zionism hates the Arabs indiscriminately. This was expressed in the demonstration shown on TV calling for the murder of Arabs in Tel Aviv, occupied Jerusalem, and Netanya. The Zionist hell burns both those who resist it and those who surrender, establish normalized [relations], and sell [themselves]. The Zionists will attempt more and more to realize the biblical dream of establishing a Zionist Entity from the Euphrates to the Nile, as the size of the Accords' paper grows and as the pictures of the normalization kisses multiply on TV..."

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