December 13, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8412

Fascist, Neo-Nazi Vlogger On BitChute Aims To Appeal To Young Viewers; Promotes White Supremacism; Calls On 'Aryans' To Carry Out Violent Acts Against Communists, Women, Media; Warns Of 'America's Kristallnacht' Following 2020 Reelection Of President Trump

December 13, 2019
Special Dispatch No. 8412

Since December 2018, "KommandantBase211" has been posting fascist and white supremacist videos on the BitChute website,[1] where he has 789 subscribers. He also has accounts on Minds[2] (146 subscribers) and Gab[3] (six followers), but these accounts have been inactive since May 2019. On his BitChute account he asks readers to "contact the Kommandant and other Base 211 personnel at" an email address on the ProtonMail encrypted email platform.[4]

The name KommandantBase211 refers to this user's claim that he is kommandant (commander) of "Base 211" or "Station 211," which according to conspiracy theories was a Nazi military base in Antarctica[5] where the Nazis experimented with and created weapons using "secret" technologies – for example the "Haunebu," which is supposed to be a kind of UFO or flying saucer. As part of this persona, KommandantBase211 also claims to be over 100 years old.  

KommandantBase211's appearance and voice are very distinct. His voice is artificially distorted, sounding unearthly. He wears a black leather suit and helmet, and a black leather gas-mask type mask with a filter and hose is fitted with blinking lights for eyes. He wears the Black Sun symbol over his right collarbone and the Life/Death Rune symbol over his left collarbone, as well as the totenkopf – German for skull and crossbones – used in many white supremacy circles, on his helmet. In the background is a large Black Sun symbol.

KommandantBase211 in the video titled "The Putsch Has Ended," December 8, 2018

Potential Appeal to Troubled White Children Bullied At School

KommandantBase211's Darth Vader-like appearance seems to be designed to appeal to children, both because of his apparent connection to the Star Wars franchise with which they are familiar and which might initially have prompted them to view the videos, and because he displays power and confidence.

One of the topics featured in KommandantBase211's videos is bullying at school. In one dated December 12, 2018, he speaks out against bullying with a focus on violence and race, and calls for the death penalty for it: "Our only weakness is that even the loss of a single Aryan is a great tragedy, while the Marxists can lose a thousand without even noticing. This problem must be attacked systematically, and through a single policy, we can accomplish this. The policy is that, henceforth, the penalty for bullying in schools shall be death."

Continuing to discuss bullying, he adds: "This current generation has turned away from its Aryan destiny and locked itself into a downward spiral of degeneracy and self-loathing. The question is: 'Why?' The answer is bullying in school. The communists of today are the squirrelly victims of yesterday."

This type of language can appeal to white children who are bullied at school, as it offers sympathy for their plight and, more importantly, reasons for what they are experiencing.

The following is a review of some of KommandantBase211's videos:

"The Year Ahead" – Election Day 2020 "Has The Single Greatest Potential To Become America's Kristallnacht"

In a video posted November 7, 2019 on BitChute,[6] KommandantBase211 talks about upcoming "purges," and about how the government is finally catching up to the dangerous content on YouTube, and calls on "creators" to back up their work. He also talks about how Presidential Election Day 2020, with the likely reelection of President Trump, "has the single greatest potential to become America's Kristallnacht, or Night of Broken Glass," with "mass riots and looting by antifa thugs and their subhuman allies." Addressing his viewers, he says: "[Y]ou will have the opportunity to legally defend yourselves and thin out the enemy numbers." For this, he assures them, "the public will for the most part be grateful," which will give his followers "the moral high ground for the bloody campaigns that will inevitably follow... to successfully cut out the infection of communism." He added: "Some of you will not be with us a year from now. Some of us [gestures at self]  may not be with you." 

To view this clip, click here or below:

"Crying Out For Fascism"; "All Feminists Will Be In Ovens"; Praise For Christchurch Mosque Shooter

The following are other themes in Kommandantbase211's videos:

"There Is A New Generation Crying Out For Fascism"

In his videos, KommandantBasse211 preaches fascism, addressing primarily Aryans. As he says, "There is a new generation crying out for fascism, and we must answer the call, because Aryan lives matter." He speaks out regularly against communism and communists, and even praises the concept of violence against them: "If I tasked you fine Aryan males to chain as many communists as you can find to a truck and drive down the road until there is nothing left, you might do this out of respect for me or our hatred of communists."

"Soon Enough All Feminists Will Be In Ovens"

He also incites violence against other groups, such as feminists and African-Americans; for example, he states in his video "Dissecting the Communist Attack, Part 2": "Soon enough, all the feminists will be in ovens, and then the true women's liberation can begin."[7] In another video titled "It's White to Be OK," he talks about attacking other groups:

"I understand that many of you want violent revolution now. You want to see Black Lives Matter dangling from street lamps. You imagine the Haunebu swooping in and plasma-bombing the CNN building. You dream of live streaming [Anita] Sarkeesian[8] in a gas chamber, or watching [CNN political commentator] Brian Stelter with his skin on fire, waving his arms like a noodle man and shrieking in that eunuch voice of his. These are certainly beautiful dreams to have, brethren."

Praise For Christchurch Mosque Shooter

KommandantBase211 praises Brenton Tarrant, the March 2019 Christchurch mosque shooter, who killed 51 people in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. In the video "Christchurch Engagement," he states: "This man is not a Mossad agent. He is not a Vril[9]-empowered super soldier. He is something far more terrifying: an ordinary person who, on his own initiative, decided that he had finally had enough."

Furthermore, a post on Zig Forum includes links to two videos of KommandantBase211 giving a reading of Tarrant's manifesto.[10]

"Tarrant's Acceleration"

In the video "It's White to Be OK," KommandantBase211 speaks of what will happen when a fascist revolution takes place: "Let us commandeer every symbol, every gesture, every character and cultural icon that we can. Force the communists and their weak-will sicko-fans to censure themselves out of existence. Manipulate them into making their own lives intolerable until the masses have no choice but to rise up out of their stupor. On that day, the skies will be filled with the smoke from a thousand chimneys, but from that smoke will form a beautiful rainbow, illuminated by the dark light of the Black Sun. This is the acceleration that the avatar [Brenton] Tarrant gave his life for."

"Tarrant's acceleration" is likely a reference to a section in Tarrant's manifesto titled "Destabilization and Accelerationism: Tactics for Victory." In this section, he writes that "[s]tability and comfort are the enemies of revolutionary change" and explains that the destabilization and discomfort of society is needed wherever possible when attempting to generate change. He adds that it is far better to encourage radical, violent change regardless of its origins, since it is only in times of radical change and social discomfort that change can occur.

Images of Christchurch shooter Tarrant in "Christchurch Engagement," March 18, 2019

To view a compilation video of KommandantBase211, click here or below:








[8] Feminist critic and blogger Anita Sarkeesian has been viciously targeted and threatened online for years for her online video series on misogynistic and sexist tropes in video games, and was a primary target in Gamergate., October 16, 2017.

[9] Vril is a term from the novel The Coming Race (1870), which refers to a superior subterranean master race and an energy-form called Vril.

[10] Tarrant's Manifesto – Part 1:; Tarrant's Manifesto – Part 2:

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