August 9, 2018 No.

Exposing Antisemitism And Fighting Extremism In The Middle East

In the past few weeks alone, during our Summer 2018 Campaign, you have seen just some of the impact of MEMRI's work:

  • On July 24, Danish imam Mundhir Abdallah was indicted for calling for the murder of Jews in a 2017 sermon, which was translated and released by MEMRI.

  • On June 28, MEMRI exposed an antisemitic sermon by Toulouse Grand mosque imam and interfaith leader Mohamed Tatai, which led to his denunciation.

The generous support of donors like you is the only thing that makes this work possible.

As MEMRI marks 20 years of fighting extremism in the Middle East, there are more sermons, videos and news to translate than ever before.

Please donate today so that MEMRI can continue to launch timely research initiatives aimed at helping fight terrorism worldwide, promoting reform in the Arab and Muslim world, and aiding Western policy-makers' understanding of and ability to respond to security challenges in the region.


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  • Disrupting terrorism: MEMRI research continues to identify and expose terrorists and terrorist sympathizers in North America and Europe, allowing law enforcement to disrupt attack plans and prosecute the individuals and organizations behind them.

  • Monitoring Iran 24/7: Exposing Iran's anti.-U.S., regional, and international activity and its threats in advance of the November 2018 sanctions; its material support for Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Houthis in Yemen and its presence in Syria; its threats to disrupt oil shipping in the Strait of Hormuz; and its continued anti-U.S. threats and pronouncements.

  • Relentlessly following and exposing antisemitic statements, hate speech, and incitement to violence: MEMRI tracks expressions of Arab and Muslim antisemitism, hate speech, and incitement to violence against Jews and Christians, along with Holocaust denial and praise for Hitler. It exposes it across the U.S. and Europe and provides it urgently to Jewish and international organizations fighting such extremism. MEMRI holds the largest archive of this content in the world, amassed over years.

  • Systematic, immediate, and ongoing monitoring of Russian media, government, and political institutions: Exposing Russian anti-U.S. and anti-West discourse and political activity – meeting an urgent need for Russian translators in U.S. government.

  • And much more every day.


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