July 21, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 4017

Egyptian Scholars: 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' is the Constitution of Freemasonry, Whose Goal Is Jewish Domination of the World

July 21, 2011
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 4017

Following are excerpts from a discussion on Freemasonry and Judaism, which aired on Al-Fareen TV on July 18, 2011.

Egyptian scholar Omar Mahmoud Mutawa: "[Freemasonry] is an international organization that strives to restore Jewish domination over the entire world, by means of some short-term and long-term schemes. This is the definition of Freemasonry in a nutshell."

Tawfiq Okasha, owner of Al-Fareen TV and Egyptian presidential candidate: "Ms. 'Abir, what is the definition of Freemasonry in your research?"

Egyptian scholar 'Abir Abd Al-Salam Ibrahim: "This is an organization that has very noble goals, like helping the poor. Another one of its goals is to bring the world under its grip. Its ultimate goal is to control the world and bring it under the rule of the Jews."

Tawfiq Okasha: "So you agree with Omar?"

'Abir Abd Al-Salam Ibrahim: "Completely."

Tawfiq Okasha: "You agree that Freemasonry is a Jewish group, the goal or which is Jewish domination of the world."

'Abir Abd Al-Salam Ibrahim: "Yes, to bring the entire world under the control of the Jews." […]

Omar Mahmoud Mutawa: "With the advent of Islam, it became the one and only enemy of Freemasonry, because Islam is the one and only enemy of the Jews. The Jews more or less control the entire Christian Western world – its economy, its commerce, its media… They control all the essential activities." […]

Tawfiq Okasha: "Could you explain the relation of Freemasonry to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion?"

'Abir Abd Al-Salam Ibrahim: "Definitely."

Tawfiq Okasha: "What is the relation?"

'Abir Abd Al-Salam Ibrahim: "That is their constitution. The Protocols is the foundation of Freemasonry." […]

Tawfiq Okasha: "I'd like to make it clear that The Protocols is a philosophical book. Perhaps it is attributed to the Jews, and perhaps they have nothing to do with it. I say this because they sued me over this issue. I had to pay a large fine, and they even wanted to shut down this TV channel." […]

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