July 16, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8174

Egyptian Professor Of Hebrew Dr. Fouad AbdelWahed: Jews Eat Matzos Prepared With Human Blood, Donated By Jews, On Passover

July 16, 2019
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 8174

Dr. Fouad M. AbdelWahed, an Egyptian professor of Hebrew at King Saud University, said in a June 13, 2019 episode of the antisemitic Egyptian TV show "Blue Line" that some Jews eat matzos that contain human blood on Passover. He said that he believes that some members of the community donate the blood for preparing the matzo, and that the practice – which he said is today limited to "extremist" Haredi Jews – was once widespread among Jews. Dr. AbdelWahed also said that the consumption of this matzo has negative effects on one's health. The show aired on Channel 2 TV (Egypt).

To view the clip of Dr. Fouad M. AbdelWahed on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"On Passover, They Make A Kind Of Matzo That Is Mixed With Blood... Human Blood"

Dr. Fouad M. AbdelWahed: "On Passover, they make a kind of matzo that is mixed with blood."

Interviewer: "Real blood?"

Dr. Fouad M. AbdelWahed: "Yes, human blood."

Interviewer: "Where do they get it from?"

Dr. Fouad M. AbdelWahed: "By Allah, I don't know."

Interviewer: "I mean, is it in blood bags, like the ones used when donating blood..."

Dr. Fouad M. AbdelWahed: "No, I believe that it is like a sacrifice by some Jews, or a sort of donation in order to prepare this mixture."

"Nowadays These Things Are Limited – It Is Only Done By The Extremists, The Haredim"

Interviewer: "Do they eat the matzos with blood?"

Dr. Fouad M. AbdelWahed: "Yes, they do."

Interviewer: "Is this done to this very day?"

Dr. Fouad M. AbdelWahed: "Of course, this is not as common as it used to be. Nowadays these things are limited. [Nowadays] it is only done by the extremists, the haredim. They insist on doing these things, but regular people do not do this."

Interviewer: "I believe that this is something that is not healthy at all."

Dr. Fouad M. AbdelWahed: "That's right."

Interviewer: "Matzos with human blood have an effect on one's health."

Dr. Fouad M. AbdelWahed: "Of course, yes."

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