March 30, 2001 Special Dispatch No. 199

Egyptian Government Press Attack on Peres

March 30, 2001
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 199

In a March 16, 2001 article entitled, "Peres -- The Expert in Murder and Deceit -- a Peace Dove?!" Galal Duweidar, Editor of the Egyptian government daily Al-Akhbar, writes:

"Shimon Peres is the Israeli Foreign Minster in Sharon's government. He is falsely and deceitfully described as a peace dove. In reality he is nothing but a bird of prey, masterful in killing the innocent such as [the victims of] the Qana Massacre in Lebanon where as many as a hundred people were killed, most of them women, children, and elderly."

"This professional murderer [Peres] - who is no different than the rest of the gang who rules Israel - met with the [UN] Security Council in New York. [He] expressed his opposition to the Palestinian demand for international protection for the Palestinian people who suffer persecution, violence, and terror at the hands of the Israeli occupiers. These [acts] make the Israelis worse than the Nazis - whose doubted past the [Israelis] rob and profit from."

"Peres, who trades peace in a deceptive manner, says that the Palestinians are the ones to blame for what is happening and that if they should stop fighting and struggling for freedom and self-determination - the dark Israeli occupation would stop its barbaric and wild acts against humanity."

"With mind-boggling arrogance the Israeli Foreign Minister warned the [Security] Council against fulfilling its duties and responsibilities toward peace and stability among nations in accordance with the UN charter."

"Since the American veto - according to my experience - is only used to protect Israeli aggression, I am not at all optimistic that the Security Council will ever give up its discriminatory policy. [This policy] prompted a UN resolution supporting the independence of the Timor Islands along with a resolution to send International forces to protect the people of Timor from massacres [while] rejecting the right and legitimate Palestinian demand for protection. This will [only] serve as a license for Israel to continue its aggression and massacre of the helpless and innocent Palestinians in the occupied land."

"Peres did not respond to the accusation that the Israeli occupation is responsible for the situation and for the death of about 450 Palestinians."

"Nor did Peres mention that the despair and frustration that prevail throughout Palestinian society due to the occupation and the starvation siege have caused [Palestinian] attacks against Israeli targets. [This occurs] in front of the eyes of countries that daily chitchat about human rights [only] to pressure other states and interfere with their domestic affairs."

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