June 8, 2000 Special Dispatch No. 99

Egyptian Government Paper Accuses America of Gulf War Atrocities

June 8, 2000
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 99

Under the title "An Eye-Witness to the Crime," a leading Egyptian government weekly Al-Ahram Al-Arabi (May 20, 2000) cites and repeats accusations against the U.S. in Sleipnir, an extreme right-wing German magazine, whose recent editions were confiscated for racism and Holocaust denial. In this publication, the German professor Siegwart-Horst Guenther's accuses the United States of using Depleted Uranium in the Gulf War against Iraq, causing cancerous diseases to Iraqi children. The appearance of these charges in Al-Ahram lends them considerable credibility and legitimacy in the Arab world.

"The German scientist, Professor Siegwart-Horst Guenther, the Head of the International 'Yellow Cross' Organization, who visited Iraq several times, confirmed the use of Depleted Uranium (DU) by the allies in their dirty war against Iraq. This was the cause of Leukemia and other malignant tumor cases and mortality amongst many Iraqi children."

"Professor Guenther wrote two books: 'War Eye-Witness' and 'The Uranium Projectile,' both of which describe and illustrate the influence of Uranium on the children and their relatives. He also gave a lecture in Washington, which was attended by officers from the Pentagon on the influence of Uranium and the mortality percentages among the Iraqi children. He said: 'The American people showed empathy with the people of Iraq, because American soldiers were exposed to the same thing.'"

"How did the German professor prove the American use of Uranium?"

"Professor Guenther said: '…in March 1991 I found some cigar-like projectiles and shells at Iraqi combat areas on the road between Baghdad and Amman. I took them because I was suspicious of their color, [since] I have seen children in the city of Basra playing with such projectiles.'"

"'At the same time, there were children dying of Leukemia and I also saw children whose abdomens were swollen to a frightening degree because of liver and kidney diseases.'"

"'When I carried out some tests at the University of Berlin, I found that the projectiles were toxic and radioactive.'"

"Professor Guenther called upon the UN to prohibit the use of Uranium, which is used widely by the US, Britain, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan, Thailand, Russia and Saudi Arabia. He recommended [that] all the afflicted Iraqi children demand compensation from Germany, because the technology for this weapon came from Germany [even though] it was produced in America."

"These may not be all the facts regarding this issue, nor all the figures, pictures, or data. It may not reflect all the agony, bitterness and helplessness, yes, helplessness when you see with your own eyes an Arab Iraqi child fading away, while you can give him no hope for life…"

"…These are not all the facts. While you are reading this report, [at least one] Iraqi child …died. So hold your tears and curse the US on their behalf."

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