August 22, 2001 Special Dispatch No. 259

Egyptian Government Daily Al-Akhbar Calls on Palestinians to Kill Israelis

August 22, 2001
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 259

The editorial of the Egyptian government daily Al-Akhbar (Aug. 17), titled "A Message to the People of Palestine" calls on Palestinians to kill Israelis wherever they can be found. Following are excerpts from the text:

"...The American clear bias [in favor of Israel] should not come as a surprise, because the US has been laboring on this bias for a long while. However, what does come as a real surprise is the unfortunate position of the American President, George Bush, who demands, almost routinely, the Palestinian President, Yasser Arafat, arrest the heroic people of the Palestinian struggle, who sacrifice their souls and their blood for freedom and dignity, facing terrorists whose hearts know neither compassion nor mercy."

"In view of this disgraceful situation, Israel continues its endless arrogance and provocation against a nation who has nothing but the will power and the confidence in its cause."

"A great disaster occurred when the forces of oppression and aggression conquered the Palestinian Orient House in occupied Jerusalem and placed their flag on it, in order to stab the Palestinians painfully in their hearts and take control over one of the symbols of the Palestinian presence in the imprisoned city."

"The cruel occupation forces conduct a psychological war against the Palestinians throughout the occupied land, in an attempt to sow fear in their souls and create in them the illusion that their struggle and their heroic operations of Martyrdom [referring to suicide bombings] will bring catastrophe on them."

"In view of this international betrayal of the Palestinian problem, there is no escaping from an Islamic and Arab initiative for solidarity with the heroic Intifada and from supporting it with deeds rather than words, in order to force Israel to end its occupation of the Arab lands, without the smallest [Arab] concession on any right whatsoever."

"All that we have left to say to the sons of Palestine is that although everybody has abandoned you, do not be sad and do not wait for anybody’s help. Protect your land to the very end and do not accept humiliation. Do not leave your homes."

"Kill your enemies wherever you may find them. This is a life and death conflict between you and them and it will not be over through calming attempts. The only thing that will force your enemy to surrender and to accept your demands is force, whatever the sacrifices may be."

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