September 15, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 4139

Egyptian Child Poet Muhammad Gamal Recites His Poem: Oh Jerusalem, We Will Take You from the Accursed Jews, Who Killed the Prophets and Messengers

September 15, 2011
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 4139

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian child poet Muhammad Gamal, which aired on Al-Hayat TV on August 27, 2011:

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Interviewer: "Muhammad Gamal is a young boy who has not yet turned twelve. Muhammad is a poet, who writes poetry, not only recites it. Muhammad, how are you?"

Muhammad Gamal: "Fine, Allah be praised."

Interviewer: "Muhammad, when did you start to write poetry?"

Muhammad Gamal: In third grade."

Interviewer: How did this happen? Would you read poetry, did your father teach you, or what?"

Muhammad Gamal: "I don't know where I got it from. I wrote a poem called 'A Call to Jerusalem.' I wrote it in third grade, when the Jews were thinking of destroying Jerusalem, in order to build the temple..."

Interviewer: "The Al-Aqsa Mosque."

Muhammad Gamal: "Yes, they wanted to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to build the temple. So I wrote this poem, I don't know how it came to me."

Interviewer: "Let's hear this poem."

Muhammad Gamal: "The poem is called 'A Call to Jerusalem.'

"Oh Jerusalem, oh Jerusalem,

Your name is in the hearts of millions.

"We have worked hard for you,

And will continue to do so for days and years.

"If I could embrace you, I would, no matter what –

"Regardless of those who wish to destroy you, but cannot,

Because the Lord protects you.

"Oh Jerusalem, oh Jerusalem,

Your name is in the hearts of millions.

"I would like to pray within you, behind the righteous prophets.

"Oh my beloved Jerusalem, which is in Palestine –

You will continue to belong to the Muslims.

"If we unite, we will regain you,

Just like Saladin.

"You will remain in the hearts of the believers.

"Oh Jerusalem, oh Jerusalem,

Your name is in the hearts of millions.

"We will take you from the accursed Jews,

Who killed and massacred many people,

Many poor children, women, and the elderly,

And before them, they killed the prophets and messengers.

"Nevertheless, you will continue to belong to the Arabs and Muslims.

"Oh Jerusalem, oh Jerusalem,

Your name is in my heart and the hearts of millions."

Interviewer: "Well done, Muhammad. That was beautiful. " [...]

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