October 15, 2017 Special Dispatch No. 7130

Editorial In Pakistani Urdu Daily Criticizes Trump's Stance On North Korea: 'A Specific Zionist Mentality Has Occupied America, Which Is Using It Against Muslims'

October 15, 2017
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 7130

A snapshot of the editorial in Roznama Mahasib.

Following are excerpts from an editorial in the Pakistani Urdu daily Roznama Mahasib:

"Bob Corker, of the ruling Republican party of America and member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has very openly criticized the U.S. president's role and attitude [toward North Korea]. Bob Corker has said that President [Donald] Trump is using his position like a reality show. The way Trump is challenging North Korea, armed with nuclear weapons, it can push America toward the Third World War...

"At this time, America has come under the influence of a war-mongering mafia. God knows, where this mafia is leading America to. But the influence of looniness in America does not remain limited to the borders of America; rather, it affects the entire world. Even today, the world is in a bad situation due to the wars sparked by America...

"Currently, America is openly challenging three countries among which two are declared atomic powers. Along with North Korea, the Americans are directly poking Pakistan too. In his policy speech, Donald Trump lambasted Pakistan and North Korea… This list contains a third country: Iran. Excuses are being searched to cancel the nuclear agreement with Iran. And now, the Pasdaran-e-Inquilab [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] of Iran is being included in the list of terror organizations. Iran has so far not achieved nuclear capability, but its defense system and missile system are strong. Pakistan and North Korea are declared atomic powers. Attempts are being made to push these countries to the wall.

"The strange and interesting point is that America has stopped distinguishing between its two most favorite countries, Israel and India... These two countries have very deep running disputes with Muslims. It means that a specific Zionist mentality has occupied America which is using it against Muslims. And these activities are creating an environment of war. In America, if some people like Bob Corker do not come forward, then Trump can cause some big disaster..."

Source: Roznama Mahasib (Pakistan), October 11, 2017.

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