March 20, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8651

Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor (DTTM) – Account Review: On White Supremacist Dating Site, Women Seek Neo-Nazi Partners, Dismiss Careers As Only For 'Retarded Feminists,' Dream Of Being 'Barefoot And Pregnant In The Kitchen'

March 20, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8651

A whites-only dating website has members around the world who seek to meet white partners. Some users are explicitly looking for mates who share their neo-Nazi and white nationalist/supremacist beliefs. The website has approximately 3,200 members, of which 2,200 appear active; they are primarily from the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia.

The majority of women on this site report holding blue collar jobs. Not all of the women specify their income, but many do, and their salaries are often below $50,000. A common denominator among these employed single women is that they express a desire to marry and become stay-at-home mothers, including homeschooling their children.

The following report focuses on the white supremacist and neo-Nazi women on the website.


Terms Of Service And Fundraising

The website features a page where it accepts donations. While the page does not appear to be functional as of this writing, Google Cache shows that the website has previously solicited donations in the cryptocurrency Monero.

It is worth noting that unlike similar platforms, the website does not define any terms of service for its users.

Florida Woman

A 27-year-old woman identifying herself as living in Florida has a dating profile under an alias. She says she is an assistant business officer manager at a healthcare center and that she is a national socialist.[1] She is also active on Facebook and has a LinkedIn profile detailing her work history. Her profile includes the Fasces symbol, which is increasingly used by white fascists, as well as a skull symbol used by the neo-Nazi militant group Attomwaffen Division.

Photo posted by woman

Photo posted by woman

In the "describe yourself " section of her profile, she says of her ideology that she started in "Kekistan," a reference to a popular meme on 4Chan,[2] then "ended up somewhere between fascism and national socialism." She describes her political views as traditional, conservative, white nationalist, identitarian, and fascist.

The woman posted several images showing the results of an ancestry test.

One image of her ancestry report reveals her last name.

An open-source search for the woman’s full name reveals her mobile number, email addresses, her parents' names, and her street address.

Her LinkedIn profile states her place of work.

Her public Facebook profile reveals no personal information; however, she does use her dating profile photo on Facebook as well.

NYC Woman

Another woman describes herself as a 45-year-old resident of New York City. She lists her political views as nationalist socialist, and writes that she enjoys listening to white power music. The "1488" in her username are a known neo-Nazi symbol.

On LinkedIn, she states that she is employed at a major e-commerce company.

New an New To New York

A 32-year-old teacher's assistant who moved from Phoenix, Arizona to New York describes her political views as "conservative WN [white nationalist], right wing except for animals and the environment." She states that she is committed to the cause of White Nationalism, and that she wants to help save the white race by raising a "big white family." She writes that she is willing to relocate to states that have the "largest populations of 'non-Hispanic' whites."


A woman on the dating site says she is a receptionist, and indicates in her profile that she hopes to become a full-time mother and wife to "someone who agrees with ethnocentric purity."

Southern Nationalist Florida Woman

A Florida woman writes that she identifies as a Southern Nationalist. She describes herself as "ultra conservative" and waiting for the South "to rise again" when the apocalypse comes and the Jews lose control. She writes that she is a janitor and adds that careers are for "retarded feminists" and that her dream is to be "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen."

Museum Curator

A 26-year-old white nationalist writes in her profile that she is a curator at a history museum and that her goal is to find a husband.

Washington State Woman

A woman in Washington State noted that she makes $15-$30k a year working in "accounts." She too has "1488" in her username. She adds that she is a college dropout and does not plan to go back.

UK Woman

A UK woman on the site says that she comes from a wealthy family. She says she wants her future husband to earn enough money to maintain a "decent lifestyle for the whole family." She adds that she would leave her job to focus on educating her children and becoming a housewife.

Anti-Feminist Floridian

Another Florida woman says she is a nationalist socialist and that she has a culinary degree, and that she is an anti-feminist who does not believe women belong in the workplace. She wishes to become a housewife, and to homeschool her future children.

Canadian Woman

A Canadian user identifies herself as a "drifter" and says she considers herself to be an Eco-Fascist and a Third-Positionist – a mix of "left" and "right" ideas with strong neofascist overtones.


[1] See MEMRI WSTM report Neo-Nazi White Nationalist Singles Mingle On Dating Website, December 24, 2019

[2], accessed March 18, 2020.


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