April 24, 2020 Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1509

On the Dark Web, Online Hosting Company Links White Supremacist Group Connected To Killings To Other Neo-Nazi Websites

April 24, 2020 | By Michael Davis
Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1509


A webhosting platform appears to link the violent extremist white supremacist U.S.-based Atomwaffen Division (AWD), which has been connected to killings, bomb threats, swattings,[1] and harassment of journalists, to a U.S.-based National Socialist movement and an extreme white supremacist website.

The webhosting platform hosts websites directly connected to the AWD, such as the AWD website on TOR, as well as extremist white supremacist websites, both of which are on TOR and promote ideologies similar to that of the AWD.

The neo-Nazi websites do not claim any direct affiliation with AWD or with James Mason, the American neo-Nazi known to be an advisor to AWD[2] and whose 1992 book Siege: The Collected Writings Of James Mason is listed as required reading on the AWD website. However, the content on the websites, including writings by Mason and members of AWD and slogans advocating for violent action associated with Mason, suggests that the websites are directly inspired by Mason and the AWD. The webhosting platform's contact email address also suggests a direct connection between the AWD and the U.S.-based National Socialist organization.

The following report shows the connection between the hosting platform and the websites belonging to AWD and the extreme neo-Nazi websites, and examines the activity on the websites.

Webhosting Platform

The webhosting platform has no official website, except for a landing page on TOR that states that it is a technological company that provides clandestine online products. The landing page has a contact link leading to a page with a PGP key[3] and an email address that suggests a direct connection between the webhosting platform and the neo-Nazi organization, and thus, a direct connection to AWD and the extreme white supremacist website as well. The webhosting platform also shares similar imagery as the extreme white supremacist website.

The webhosting platform's landing page.

Atomwaffen Division

The Atomwaffen Division (AWD) website, accessible only on the dark web, includes writings by James Mason and by the AWD's co-founder, as well as by other known AWD members.[4] The website features: a directory that includes all the videos AWD has published; a page that has over 20 of the organization's posters; and a page that sets out the recruitment requirements for people who want to join the organization. On the page, AWD provides the race and physical requirements for potential members.

An AWD recruitment poster that shares AWD's email address and the link to their TOR website.

The page includes a link to the group's application form, which asks about the applicant's background, including military service, substance abuse or addiction, and affiliation with other groups, and provides a bibliography that is mandatory reading material. The books on the list include William Luther Pierce's 1978 novel The Turner Diaries and Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.[5]

The first section of the AWD Application Form.

National Socialist Organization

An extreme U.S-based neo-Nazi organization which was active for approximately two decades in the 20th century until its disbanding and that has been revived in recent years is now believed to have members in a number of countries around the world. The organization states in its website to directly follow James Mason and his teachings, and their desire to commit violent acts.

A flier by the organization.

The online presence of the organization is based in its website and its TOR website, where it shares the organization's history and recruits members. The organization has an online radio show, and a newsletter which is sent to subscribers via email.

Subscription form to the organization's newsletter.

White Supremacist Website

This extreme white supremacist website promotes the ideology of James Mason's Siege. All of the website's content is based on the racial and cultural belief system of James Mason and his associates, some of whom are known AWD members.

The white supremacist website's emblem and motto.

The website's contact page has disclaimers stating that the website's operators are not James Mason, and that the website is not a recruiting platform for AWD. The contact page provides an email address, which is comprised of a nickname that is associated with the aforementioned neo-Nazi organization.  This suggests another possible connection between this website and the organization.

The website content, which AWD says is mandatory reading material for joining their organization, consists of writings by James Mason, primarily Siege, and other articles by its contributors.

An article by an AWD member.

The website also has a page that features PDF formats of old white supremacist and neo-Nazi magazines and bulletins, as well as photo galleries of known racist and white supremacist American groups and individuals.

Magazine covers of issues from the 1960's.


*Michael Davis directs the Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor Project at MEMRI.


[1] "Swatting" is the act of calling 911 and faking an emergency that draws a response from law enforcement, usually a SWAT team., February 4, 2008.

[2], March 14, 2020.

[3] A PGP key is an encryption protocol for data communication.

[5] See MEMRI DTTM Inquiry & Analysis The Evolving White Supremacy Ideology And Its Protagonists, September 6, 2019.

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