March 18, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11210

Cartoons In Qatari Press Celebrate Attacks On Israel, Yearn For Its Collapse

March 18, 2024
Qatar | Special Dispatch No. 11210

Since the terrorist attack perpetrated by Hamas on October 7, 2023, in which 1,200 people were murdered and 240 were kidnapped, the Qatari and Qatar-affiliated dailies, both those published in Qatar and those published in London, have published many virulent cartoons that celebrate the attacks on Israel and its losses in the war and praise Hamas for "defeating" Israel despite the latter's considerable military power. The cartoons stress that Gaza is standing fast and predict Israel's collapse in the course of 2024.

The following is a sampling of these cartoons:

Cartoons Predicting Israel's Imminent Collapse, Praising Rocket Attacks On It

2024 will be the year of Israel's collapse (Al-Watan, Qatar, December 31, 2023)

Hamas is cracking Israel's façade (the cracks in the flag spell the word "Hamas" in Arabic) (Al-Sharq, Qatar, December 31, 2023)

After expanding since 1948, Israel is about to disappear (Al-Sharq, Qatar, January 19, 2024)

"Al-Qassam" rockets are breaking Israel up (Al-Watan, Qatar, October 12, 2023)

The rockets from Gaza will facilitate the Palestinians' return (the key symbolizes the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their original homes inside Israel) (Al-Watan, Qatar, January 21, 2024)

There is "no stopping" the Gazan rockets (Al-Quds Al-Arabi, London, October 10, 2023)

Gaza stands fast and fires rockets in retaliation for Israel's offensive (Al-Sharq, Qatar, December 11, 2023)

The rocket barrage on December 31, 2023 was "Hamas' New Year's gift to Israel" (Al-Watan, Qatar, January 2, 2024)

A rocket fired by "the resistance" tears through an Israeli tank (Al-Watan, Qatar, December 7, 2023)

"South Lebanon" and "Gaza" destroy Israel's victory (Al-Watan, Qatar, February 26, 2024)

Praise For Hamas' Actions; Glee At Israel's Losses

Israeli soldier terrified of Hamas Spokesman "Abu Obeida" (Al-Sharq, Qatar, November 9, 2023)

Hamas fighter kicks over an Israeli tank (, October 8, 2023)

Hamas terrorist crushes a cowering Israeli soldier (Al-Sharq, Qatar, November 25, 2023)

Hamas crushes Israel (Al-Sharq, Qatar, November 28, 2023)

"The resistance" crushes Israel in Gaza (Al-Sharq, Qatar, December 16, 2023)

Hamas hits Israel "at very close range" (Al-Quds Al-Arabi, London, November 21, 2023)

The resistance crushes an Israeli soldier like a cockroach (Al-Raya, Qatar, January 25, 2024)

Hamas swats an Israeli soldier "at very close range" (Al-Watan, Qatar, December 13, 2023)

"The resistance tunnels":  a Hamas operative takes a selfie with an Israeli soldier who does not see him (Al-Sharq, Qatar, December 19, 2023)

"The resistance" pops the balloon of the "occupation forces" (Al-Watan, Qatar, October 8, 2023)

Cartoon mocks Israeli PM Netanyahu's statement "We will continue the war until we eliminate Hamas"; the Israeli soldier in the Hamas operative's grip says "Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone" (Al-Watan, Qatar, December 28, 2023)

"The myth of the invincible Israeli army" (Al-Quds Al-Arabi, London, October 11, 2023)

Gaza punches Israel in the face (Al-Watan, Qatar, January 6, 2024)


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