August 15, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8227

Canadian Imam Shaban Sherif Mady – Whose Statements Were Published By MEMRI And Who Was Banned From Preaching In Edmonton For Antisemitism – In Morsi Eulogy: Egyptian President Al-Sisi Is A 'Dwarf' And A 'Zionist Collaborator' Whom Allah Will Punish; Allah Will 'Send Someone To Avenge... The Martyrs'; Islamic State, Caliphate Will Be Established Whether You Like It Or Not

August 15, 2019
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 8227

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel on June 19, 2019, Imam Shaban Sherif Mady, of Edmonton, Canada called Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi a "hooligan" Zionist collaborator planted in Egypt in order to corrupt and destroy it. He praised former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi for his support of the Syrian revolt against Bashar Al-Assad's regime, his support of Gaza, and his desire to domestically produce weapons, food, and medicine. He went on to say that Allah will not allow President Al-Sisi to go unpunished, adding that somebody will take vengeance against Al-Sisi for the blood of the martyrs.

Addressing the leaders of most other Muslim countries, whom he also accused of being Zionist collaborators, Imam Sherif Mady said: "Tomorrow is just around the corner, and the fire that you ignited in the homes of the Muslims [will] change its course and burn you." He added that an Islamic state will soon be established, because Allah promised that this would happen. He has also said that Jerusalem would "only be regained through blood" and that a Caliphate would conquer Rome (see MEMRI TV Clips No. 5462 and No. 5342). Recently, he was banned from preaching at the Edmonton Community Centre.

Imam Sherif Mady is an alumnus of Egypt's Al-Azhar University.

To view the clip of Imam Shaban Sherif Mady on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"You Despicable Man, You Collaborator, You Shall Not Escape Your Punishment In This World Before The Next"

Imam Shaban Sherif Mady: "These people will not be forgotten and nobody will mention them. From the great Pharaoh of Egypt to the [current] dwarf Pharaoh of Egypt, this Zionist-collaborating priest [President Al-Sisi], who was planted in Egypt in order to destroy it... He brought destruction in politics, in the economy, and in society. You cannot find anything [good] anywhere [in Egypt]. He only came to spread corruption in the land, and not to spread good. And [Morsi] was the opposite... Morsi said: 'We respond to your call, oh Syria.' This collaborating dwarf [Al-Sisi] said: 'We will stand with Bashar.' Morsi said: 'We will never leave Gaza alone.' This collaborated [Al-Sisi] said: 'We will fight Gaza by means of food, drink, and weapons, and we will place it under an even harsher siege than the Zionist enemies' siege.' Morsi said: 'I will protect the girls. Your fathers are men that do not accept injustice.' But then came this dwarf and put women in prisons. He violated their honor and he jailed them, and now it has even gotten to the point of death sentences against women. Morsi said: 'Let our nation rise with its weapons. Let us produce our own weapons, medicine, and food.' But this collaborator came to import everything and turn Egypt into a toy. As Hazem Abu Ismail – may Allah release him from prison – said: 'Egypt will turn into the world's biggest joke.' And now we see it. And who is doing it? This despicable man, this hooligan, this Zionist collaborator.


"You despicable man, you collaborator, you shall not escape your punishment in this world before the next. Allah will not let you escape. He will send someone who will avenge the blood of the thousands of martyrs."

"The [Islamic] State Will Be Established, Whether You Like It Or Not... There Will Be A Caliphate In Accordance With The Prophetic Method"

"We want to say to the Arab leaders, who are also collaborators and who did not say a single word [about Morsi's death] except for Qatar's leader, and, from the [non-Arab] Muslim countries, only the president of Malaysia, and Malaysia and Turkey as a whole... To these Arab leaders we say: Tomorrow is just around the corner, and the fire that you ignited in the homes of the Muslims and which killed, injured, and banished people will change its course and burn you.


"The [Islamic] state will be established, whether you like it or not. These Mamluk Arab leaders will be gone very soon. There will be a caliphate in accordance with the Prophetic method. This is not one of the signs of Judgement Day, as some say. It's one of Allah's promises that are supposed to be fulfilled long before Judgement Day."

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