February 21, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8577

Canadian Crowdfunding Page Raises Funds For Legal Fees, Commissary Of Notorious American Neo-Nazi Serving 40-Year Prison Sentence

February 21, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8577

A notorious American neo-Nazi, who headed what was at one point one of the largest neo-Nazi groups in the U.S. and is currently serving a 40-year sentence in a prison classed as a "supermax" or "control unit" facility, has for the past two years been the beneficiary of a crowdfunding fundraising campaign on a Canada-based platform. The campaign raises funds for his prison commissary account and to cover his legal fees. Up until February 20, 2020, the account was shared on social media by supporters of him and of his neo-Nazi ideology.

The MEMRI WSTM provided this report exclusively to the Canadian news outlet Global News, which asked the company for comment. Global News then informed the WSTM, on February 18, that the company " has NOW shut down the [redacted] page." The WSTM found that the page is actually still up but now states: "Sorry, we're not currently accepting contributions." Following that, Global News told the WSTM that it was not going to publish a story on the report because the account had been suspended.[1]

The campaign on the fundraising platform

The incarcerated neo-Nazi


As noted, the fundraising page has been active for two years. At the time of its closure, it had had 37 contributors, with $2,535 raised thus far. The campaign was described as a defense fund, and called the prisoner a "political prisoner."

A friend posts regular updates on the page. On April 11, 2019 he posted a letter written by the prisoner to the court upon learning that his request for a rehearing had been denied.

The page's description reads: "[Redacted] was sentenced to 40 years for a crime in which he remains the only victim. [He] is asking for a "Commutation of Sentence" (Case #C273312). We are asking that you help grant his request.

"[Redacted] is by any definition, a political prisoner within the Federal prison system. He has spent over 16 years in solitary confinement for having thoughts considered by some to be politically incorrect.

"[Redacted] is not only an educated lawyer, but also a classical violinist. He is suffering in solitary due to his opinions and a (((paid informant))),[2] paid by his own government. This can all be validated upon researching his trial transcript @ [redacted]."

The page explains that the funds being raised are going towards legal fees, and to top up the prisoner's commissary account. According to the page, the prisoner's mother is accepting donations offline via money order. The page provides her address, and states that white supremacist books authored by him while in prison are also available from her.

The prisoner's work promoted on campaign page

Contributors have the option to use their real name or an alias, or to remain anonymous. Donors are visibly listed alongside the amount donated.

A section of the campaign page listed a handful of "leaders," people who have publicly promoted the fundraising campaign.  For example, his mother raised $520 from 11 contributors. She wrote that that healthy food is pricey, as are legal fees. She vehemently maintains her son's innocence.

Another individual raised $520 from 11 contributors. He wrote: "It is way past time to get [redacted] out of prison. He did nothing wrong and he needs our support. President Trump can get him out of there and now is the time to ask him again and again. Free [redacted]!" The page also offers a pre-drafted letter to President Trump pleading the prisoner's case, available for download.

An individual who authored several blog posts about the prisoner on the blog of the latter's movement raised $100 and wrote: "[Redacted] was set up by our government for having politically incorrect views and for wanting to save his race from genocide. He is still being tormented by the system even in jail. What they are doing to [him], they can do to anyone of us. So, it is a priority to save [him] and continue the resistance."


[1] On February 20, 2020, a major Canadian news outlet reported on MEMRI's coverage of this matter and that the campaign had been completely shut down and removed from the website. The platform's CEO issued a statement noting that the page had gone unnoticed and was so small that no one had even looked at it and that he "never knew the name of the guy" until he was told he was a neo-Nazi. 

[2] Multiple parentheses, also called an "echo," is a hate symbol indicating that the enclosed phrase refers to Jews., accessed February 14, 2020.

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