June 30, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10054

Canada-Based Hindu Supremacist Ron Banerjee: 'I Support The Killing Of The Muslims And The Sikhs In The Republic Of India Because They Deserve To Die'

June 30, 2022
Canada | Special Dispatch No. 10054

Canada-based Hindu supremacist Ron Banerjee, executive director of the Hindu Conference of Canada, a radical Hindu organization, has called for the killing of Muslims and Sikhs in India. In the 2015 and 2019 elections, 18 Sikhs were elected as members of parliament in Canada, which hosts a significant population of Sikhs from India.[1] After English and French, Punjabi, spoken by Sikhs, is the third-largest language in Canada. In an exchange a decade ago, an immigrant said to Banerjee: "You are as brown as me."[2] To which Ron Banerjee answered: "Yes, but I am a Hindu, so I am superior."[3]

Ron Banerjee (right) is a Hindu supremacist activist

In the latest interview that he gave, which was uploaded to a YouTube channel, Banerjee said that he supports Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and openly called for the killing of Muslims and Sikhs in India. Though the Khalistan movement, a Pakistan-backed secessionist movement that sought a national homeland for Sikhs by demanding the separation of Punjab province from India, was active in India in the 1980s, some Sikh separatist leaders remain active in Canada today.

In the interview, Ron Banerjee, who has since been arrested by the Canadian police, says:[4]

"Hinduism is the way. I am hardcore Hindu nationalist... I would like to have Modi ruling this country [Canada] as well as India. He kills Muslim terrorists. He kills Sikh terrorists. It is awesome, what Modi is doing."

"Muslims need to understand that if they are going to live in our country, they got to follow our rules. And if they don't, then they will get it. They will get it...

"I have no tolerance whatsoever for this radical Islam, radical Khalistani Sikhs, or any of these ideologies... I support the killing of the Muslims and the Sikhs in the republic of India because they deserve to die."


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