May 10, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10601

Article In Urdu Daily Criticizes NGOs For Driving Western Agenda In Pakistan: 'Their Attacks Are Under The Guise Of Hunger, Human Needs, Health, Unfair Treatment Of Women, Gender Equality, And Then Islam Becomes The Target'

May 10, 2023
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 10601

In a recent article, Pakistani writer Muzaffar Ijaz criticized Western-funded NGOs for driving a "non-Islamic agenda" in Pakistan, especially related to women's rights and the rights of LGBT communities.

In the article, titled "The Attack Of The NGOs – The Non-Islamic Agenda On The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan," the author distinguishes between two types of NGOs active in Pakistan, one of them funded by the organizations based in the U.S., Britain, and European countries, and the second being Islamic NGOs, which he called "institutions."

The article was published by Roznama Jasarat, an Urdu-language newspaper belonging to Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan. The article was written in the context of "Aurat March," or the women's march that has become a regular feature on International Women's Day – March 8 – in Pakistani cities during which women organize rallies to increase awareness about gender equality, the rights of farmers and LGBT communities, and press for action against domestic violence, among other things.

The article by Muzaffar Ijaz

Following are excerpts from the article:

"In The Name Of [Criticizing] The Maulvi [Cleric], In The Name Of The Mullah [Cleric], Now It Has Become So Brazen That Islam Itself Is Directly Targeted" By Such NGOs

"Pakistan is one of those developing countries where governments cannot take care of the basic needs of the people as a welfare state should. It is the tragedy of weak economies and poor countries that a gap emerges between the people and the government. Then the [NGO-driven] agenda fills it so beautifully that those who fill the gap are considered saviors and people start to see them as their messiahs.

"There are NGOs established all over the world for this work, which invade in such situations with very beautiful slogans. Their attacks are under the guise of hunger, human needs, health, unfair treatment of women, gender equality, and then Islam becomes the target. In the name of [criticizing] the maulvi [cleric], in the name of the mullah [cleric], now it has become so brazen that Islam itself is directly targeted [by such NGOs].

"NGOs all over the world are doing great and important work, but in Islamic and developing countries, through their agendas worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, people are being made resentful of religion [i.e., Islam].

"In Sialkot [a town in Punjab province], a practice of forcing Muslims to convert to Christianity in exchange for bread has been going on for many decades. In Sindh, [NGOs] are on the warpath under the pretext of [preventing] honor killings and preventing forced marriages of girls and describing those who willingly become Muslim as forced conversions to Islam. The powerful rulers, powerful institutions, members of parliament, ministers, waderas [i.e., feudal lords], laws, and chieftains – what heinous acts have they not left unaddressed which should not give such opportunities to NGOs. 

"In Pakistan, if a bearded illiterate man throws acid on a woman, it is considered an attack on Islam, but when [feudal lord] Mustafa Khar's son throws acid on his wife, there is silence. If a wadera [feudal lord] has three wives and gives no rights to two of them then there is silence [from the NGOs]. But if a mullah [cleric] contracts a second marriage, it is considered [by NGOs] to be an attack on Islam.

"In the country, no mullah, Islamic group, or religious organization has been in power for 75 years, but Islam is considered responsible for the destruction of the country. When the army remained in control for 30 years, then these NGOs chanted slogans of only democracy. And in the name of democracy, they remain silent during the oppression of women and children. 

"Pakistan coincidentally is victim time and again to natural disasters, but these natural calamities prove to be a silver lining for the rulers and their agendas, while for the public, they remain a curse. The authorities create organizations to collect funds from all over the world, but the public remains deprived. Agenda-driven NGOs do less work and create more noise. At least 70 percent of their funds are spent on administrative expenses and advertising."

"Behind These Large NGOs Are The United Nations, And Institutions Of America, Britain, And European Countries; One Of These Organizations Is The Parliamentarians For Global Action, Which Is Committed To Making LGBT Legal Worldwide"

"On the other hand, there are serious institutions [NGOs] and these institutions of Pakistan do a much better job than the institutions working at the international level. Despite the complexity of the laws they have created, they serve the people.

"Whether it's an earthquake, flood, or any disaster, these NGOs help everyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religion; and it's also a good thing that these NGOs have an Islamic identity. Some belong to an Islamic political party and some also have an Islamic name. Since the earthquake, these Islamic NGOs have been providing continuous service, but our topics are not these but the agenda-driven NGOs.

"These days, the hot topic is 'Aurat March' [Women's March] and women's rights. They do not accept any obstacles in their agenda, which is why they often cross the limits of insanity. One such NGO is the Forum for Dignity Initiatives, whose leader gained notoriety by burning her dupatta [scarf] and hurling abuses at the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and nowadays they are protesting against fashion designer Maria B.

Aurat March ("Women's March") has become a popular campaign in Pakistani towns

"Their organization's agenda is to promote homosexuality, and their agenda and work are not surprising. It would be a surprise when this NGO receives the Pride of Pakistan award from the government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan for their actions. This organization promotes the agenda of LGBT and is very cunning in targeting important issues... One of them is empathy for AIDS patients, through which they aim to normalize the agenda of sexual relationships.

"In this way, behind these large NGOs are the United Nations, and institutions of America, Britain, and European countries. One of these organizations is the Parliamentarians for Global Action, which is committed to making LGBT legal worldwide. It has recently issued a handbook outlining the areas in which attacks can be made, including AIDS, transgender issues, equality, women's rights, and democracy.

"Parliamentarians from all over the world are included in this work so that all tasks can be given legal status and this heinous act can be legally protected. This agenda is given a beautiful name under the guise of civil society. The U.S. aid has even mentioned the names of Uzma Yakub Butt and LGTBT mentor Qasim Iqbal."

"Their Agenda Includes Three Freedoms: Religion, Family, And Social Values – All Of Which Are Free From Any Laws; Recently, America Has Released 200 Million Dollars In Funds That Can Be Seen Being Spent In Pakistan"

"What is their fight with Maria B? Only that free-thinking fashion designer Maria B said that in the pretext of homosexuals and transgender [rights], there is a need for standing against attacks on the family system and to defend the family system. She attacked their livelihood and a fight ensued.

"Their agenda includes three freedoms: religion, family, and social values – all of which are free from any laws. Recently, America has released $200 million in funds that can be seen being spent in Pakistan.

"The media is busy with dramas, women's marches, freedom from every law, and insulting Islam and Pakistan in the name of the mullah. Such work was also done in Spain and in the Ottoman Sultanate where they were initially respected, given official robes, and then their agenda was imposed. Therefore, an ideological leadership and government must exist in an ideological state like Pakistan.

"But where will this ideological leadership and government come from? There was an  appalling and shameful act [of organizing the Hindu festival of color Holi] committed by the head of the Civil Services Academy, and the misuse of government resources for personal interests, which gives an idea of how far this agenda has reached. An assistant commissioner has already been caught red-handed. Who knows how many people have fallen prey to this agenda and become its instruments?

Officials drew criticism for organizing the Hindu festival of colors, Holi, at the Civil Services Academy in Lahore (image:

"The following are some of the major [Islamic ] NGOs working on serious issues in Pakistan:

Alkhidmat Foundation, Read Foundation, Edhi Foundation, Saylani Welfare Trust, Akhuwat Foundation, Shaukat Khanum Memorial, Agha Khan Foundation, the Baithak School Network, Green Crescent Trust, Chhipa Welfare, Alamgir Welfare Trust, the Citizens Foundation. In addition to these, many other NGOs are also working in Pakistan.

"But those NGOs that are trying to change the ideology of Islam and Pakistan prove themselves to be foreign agents. It is necessary to work within the national laws in Pakistan, and insistence on changing the laws raises suspicion."

Source: (Pakistan), March 27, 2023

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