August 27, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2486

Article in Syrian Government Daily: The Holocaust – Part of a Reciprocal Conflict between Hitler and the Jewish Capitalists; Its Real Victims Are the Germans and the Palestinians

August 27, 2009
Syria, Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 2486

In an article titled "What We Should Know About Hitler and the Jews," published June 15, 2009 in the Syrian government daily Teshreen, author Nasr Shimali states that in his June 4 speech at Cairo University, U.S. President Barack Obama "did not stand with the Palestinians against their killers." He then explains that the Holocaust was part of a "reciprocal murderous conflict" between Hitler and the Zionist Jewish capitalists, and goes on to claim that the real victims of the "lie about the annihilation of seven million Jews" are the German and Palestinian peoples.

Following are excerpts from the article.

In His Speech, Obama "Did Not Stand with the Palestinians in Gaza Against Their Killers... Despite the Close Similarity Between What Happened in Germany and What Has Happened in Palestine"

"President Obama's [June 4, 2009] speech at Cairo University concerning the Nazi crimes against the Jews was missing something very serious. The omission was intentional… because, as is generally the case with American speeches, it was meant to serve the interests of American economic monopolies. This is why we saw Obama siding with the Jews in Germany against their killers without pointing to the causes of the fighting.

"However, he did not stand with the Palestinians in Gaza against their killers, and he justifies the crimes of their murderers, despite the close similarity between what happened in Germany and what has happened in Palestine.

"Therefore, we must mention what needs to be known about the reasons for the clash between Adolph Hitler's government and the Zionist Jews. This is something which the Americans and the Europeans deliberately neglect in their speeches."

The "Unmitigated Internal Conflict [Between Hitler and the Jewish Capitalists] Played a Role in Precipitating World War II"

"[In the 1930s,] Hitler's Germany was preparing to avenge its defeat in World War I. [Hitler and his government] wanted to implement a worldwide imperialist enterprise. They believed that Germany deserved such an imperialist enterprise no less than the U.S. deserved one. Germany's way of achieving this was to unite Europe under its rule, whether by peaceful means or by war, so that it would equal the U.S. in size and [thus] be capable of competing with it geographically, demographically, economically, and militarily.

"[The Germans wanted] Berlin, rather than Washington, to succeed London and Paris as the imperial center of the world.

"Germany's project was colonialist, imperialistic, and racist, precisely like the American project. [The Germans] understood the significance of getting Jewish capitalism on their side. However, the Zionist Jews clung to their alliance with London and Washington, even conspiring with these two governments against Nazi Berlin.

"In 1934, Jewish Zionist hostility towards Germany became patently clear. This [Jewish] hostility was manifested in a very real way: by launching an economic boycott against Germany, in coordination with the Western capitalistic monopolies and governments. Hitler, for his part, strongly pressured the German Jewish capitalists. Thus, the reciprocal murderous conflict between the two sides began to escalate, and this unmitigated internal conflict played a role in precipitating World War II."

"The Jewish Zionists Declared War on Germany on September 5, 1939"

"When World War II broke out, each of the two sides - German and Jewish-Zionist - blamed the other. The fact is that according to World Jewish Congress president [sic] Chaim Weizmann, it was the Jewish Zionists who declared war on Germany on September 5, 1939.

"Hitler said, 'The Allies and the Jews want to eliminate us - therefore, it is they who will be eliminated from the face of the Earth.' On the other side, the Jews and the Allies said, 'Hitler and the Nazis want to eliminate us, but it is they who will be eliminated.'

"There was a fierce struggle among various parties of international capitalism, for exclusive control of the natural resources of the colonized, oppressed nations - indeed, for the natural resources of the whole world. The Zionist Jews opposed Germany because of their precise calculations of possible losses and gains, not because of hatred for the Germans or love for the Americans. The two racist, usurious camps spewed out chauvinistic declarations of war, each viewing its enemy as a wild beast that must be slaughtered.

"In sum, the scope of their crimes was more or less the same - except that the Allies' crimes were greater and more extensive.

"The war declared by the Jews against Germany was mentioned at a closed meeting on July 24, 1942. Hitler said that he was going to shut down their [the Jews'] towns or neighborhoods, one after another. To clarify his intent, he said, 'This Jewish scum [must] leave the country and emigrate to Madagascar or to any other Jewish homeland.'

"In other words, Hitler treated the Jews like a combatant, hostile minority, and thus, by some universal wartime logic, imprisoned those of them who lived close to the front lines. The German command was concerned that the Jews might engage in hostile propaganda, and also feared that they might spy for the Allies and also engage in arms smuggling, sabotage, and black marketeering. The Germans believed that the Jews excelled in all these activities."

"The Jews... Aligned Themselves With [Hitler's] Enemies - So He Fought Them"

"Before the war, Hitler's efforts to prompt the Jews to emigrate were successful. He wished for them to find a homeland outside Europe. He suggested Madagascar, under German oversight, as such a homeland, and had no objections to their emigrating to Palestine, hoping that they would be at his service after he was victorious (which was what Napoleon had hoped as well).

"Hitler believed that the Jews had a special talent for reclaiming land, and for banking. In short, his view of the Jews was not much different from that of Cromwell, Napoleon, Churchill, and Roosevelt. The Jews however, aligned themselves with his enemies, so he fought them along with his enemies.

"In 1939, the total number of Jews in the whole world, according to League of Nations statistics, was approximately 11 million; after the war, in 1947, the same census organization [sic] put their number at some 12 million. How can President Obama, master of scholars that he is, say at Cairo University that Hitler killed seven million [sic] Jews?"

"The Lie about the Annihilation of Seven Million Jews... Generated Immense Financial Gain, and Zionists and the Israeli Entity Benefited From It"

"Indeed, Obama did not surprise us, because this is [only part of the] persistent American efforts, throughout American history, to convince public opinion of the vileness and lack of honor of their enemies. They are doing this right now regarding the Palestinian victims; exaggeration and lies are being used to serve American interests.

"The lie about the annihilation of seven million Jews because of their race generated immense financial gain, and both the Zionists and the Israeli entity benefited from it. However, as French scholar Robert Faurisson said, the [real] victims are the German people - except for its leaders - and the entire Palestinian people."

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