January 29, 2014 Special Dispatch No. 5623

Article On Jordanian Website: The Lessons Of The Holocaust Are International; All Peoples Must Combat Racism And Extremism

January 29, 2014
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 5623

On January 28, 2014, on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, the Jordanian news website posted an article stating that the Holocaust is the most heinous crime in human history and that all peoples must learn a lesson from it. The article added that, even though the German Nazi regime has ceased to exist, antisemitism has not passed from the world, and even today we witness attacks on Jews. Hence, antisemitism must be fought, along with all other racist and extremist ideologies that ultimately lead only to bloodshed.

It should be noted that the article was also posted on the website's Facebook page, which has approximately 10,000 followers.The following are excerpts:

Image: Almamlakahnews Facebook page

The Holocaust Is The Most Heinous Crime In Human History

"Since 2006, the world has been marking International Holocaust Day on January 27. Over 100 countries worldwide mark this day, including some Muslim countries like Albania, Azerbaijan and Senegal... Whoever examines the lessons of the Holocaust finds that they are universal and must be taught to all peoples, regardless of their identity and religion, in order to prevent another genocide from happening in the future.

"It should be noted that the Jewish Holocaust is the most heinous and horrific crime in human history. The Nazi German leadership of those days was the one who started World War II out of purely ideological motives, which were anchored in two main principles:

1. Its ambition to control Europe and the entire world and establish a global racial hierarchy topped by the northern peoples, who belong to the Aryan race.

2. Antisemitism: the Nazis regarded the Jews as devils and as their worst enemies trying to prevent them from realizing their Nazi ideology. Hence, they set out to exterminate the entire Jewish nation. Their strategic plan, called the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem in Europe, was to kill 11 million Jews. Based on the Nazi ideology, [which aimed to] establish a new racial world order, the majority of Germans became convinced of the need to exterminate as much of the Jewish nation as possible, as well as other peoples, such as the Poles.

Denying The Holocaust Is A Dangerous Phenomenon As Well

The Jewish Holocaust in Europe has far-reaching global implications, for nobody can predict who the next victims of mad extremist ideologies will be. Let us not forget that extremist global ideologies, like Nazism in the past and global terror in the present, ultimately lead to horrific bloodshed. It should be stressed that, even after World War II and the Jewish Holocaust, the world witnessed – and it is still witnessing – collective massacres and exterminations, like the genocides in Sudan's Darfur, in Cambodia and in Rwanda, or the masses of victims [killed during] the conflict in Syria.

"In light of all this, let us stress once more that antisemitism has not ended, even though the Nazi German regime no longer exists. [In fact,] today we are witnessing an increase of this phenomenon, including attacks on European Jews by neo-Nazi organizations. What is no less grave... is that some people still deny the Holocaust, questioning its veracity or its scope. Others are reluctant to take a firm stand against those responsible for antisemitic propaganda.

"Hence we must cooperate and confront the danger of racism and its horrible implications, for racism is a deadly poison that consumes people, including those who [originally] spread it."

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