March 22, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 3688

Arab Cartoons on Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi and the Libya Crisis

March 22, 2011
Libya | Special Dispatch No. 3688

Cartoons published in the Arab press since the outbreak of the uprising in Libya reflect an Arab consensus against Libyan leader Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi and his reaction to the events. Al-Qadhafi is portrayed as a raving lunatic who is butchering his people and destroying his country in order to stay in power. Many cartoons also depict his Green Book, in which he sets out his political doctrine, as a reflection of his murderous character. Other cartoons denounce the West as more interested in Libya's oil than in the suffering of the Libyan people, or express concern about possible international intervention in the country.

The following is a sample of cartoons:

Al-Qadhafi the Bloodthirsty Tyrant

Al-Qadhafi with Libya between his teeth

Al-Quds Al-Arabi
(London), February 24, 2011

Al-Qadhafi's throne – a bloodbath

(Iran), February 28, 2011

Al-Qadhafi crowned with the bodies of dead Libyans

Al-Watan (Qatar), February 22, 2011

Al-Qadhafi – dictator of blood

Al-Dustour (Jordan), February 24, 2011

Al-Qadhafi's reign of death

Al-Jarida (Kuwait), February 23, 2011

Al-Qadhafi uses his son, Saif Al-Islam, as a sword to butcher his people

Al-Shurouq (Algeria), February 22, 2011

News flash: Satan calls on Al-Qadhafi to show self-restraint

Al-Jazirah (Saudi Arabia), February 26, 2011

Al-Qadhafi the Madman

Al-Qadhafi made of pills

Al-Watan (Saudi Arabia), February 28, 2011

Paramedics cart Al-Qadhafi off to the madhouse

Al-Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), February 27, 2011

Al-Qadhafi on the psychiatrist's couch
Qadhafi: "I am the magnificent! The rock! The commander of the revolution!"
Psychiatrist: "I understand"

Imarat Al-Yawm (UAE), February 28, 2011

Al-Qadhafi as Nero

Al-Qadhafi plays as Libya burns

Al-Watan (Saudi Arabia), February 24, 2011

"The Libyan Nero – the man who burned his people"

Al-Arab (Qatar), February 24, 2011

Al-Qadhafi reads a book by Nero: "Burn the Country over the Heads of the People"

Al-Ittihad (Yemen), February 23, 2011

Al-Qadhafi's Green Book

Al-Qadhafi's Green Book turned red with blood

Al-Qabas (Kuwait), February 23, 2011

Al-Qadhafi uses the Green Book to pound his people to a pulp

Al-Quds Al-Arabi (London), February 23, 2011

The Green Book used by a mercenary shooting the Libyans

Al-Watan (Saudi Arabia), February 22, 2011

Al-Qadhafi as a demon emerging out of the Green Book

Al-Arab (Qatar), February 24, 2011

Al-Qadhafi: "a green man with a black heart"

Al-Safir (Lebanon), February 22, 2011

The West Concerned about Libya's Oil

Obama weeps over Libya's oil

Al-Akhbar Al-Yawm (Egypt), March 13, 2011

International fact-finding missions actually interested in oil

Al-Sharq (Qatar), March 9, 2011

Europe thirsty for Libyan oil

Al-Anwar (Lebanon), March 8, 2011

The West comes to rescue the Libyans

Al-Watan (Oman), March 3, 2011

Concerns about International Intervention

Al-Qadhafi delivers Libya to the demon of Chapter Seven
(A reference to Chapter Seven of the UN Charter, which allows the UN to take military or non-military action to restore international peace and security).

'Okaz (Saudi Arabia), March 1, 2011

Arab League demands no-fly zone over Libya, UN is bewildered

'Al-Shabiba (Oman), March 14, 2011

Decision of Arab foreign ministers produces monstrous intervention in Libya

Al-Dustour (Jordan), March 4, 2011

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