July 2, 2013 Special Dispatch No. 5352

Antisemitic Skit On Egyptian Islamist TV Depicts Stereotypical Jew Instigating Strife In Egypt

July 2, 2013
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 5352

Following are excerpts from an antisemitic sketch, which aired on Al-Hafez TV, an Egyptian Islamist channel, on June 6, 2013:

An actor portraying a stereotypical Jew delivers an address to the Zionists, with posters of Theodore Herzl and Lord Balfour, as well as Jewish symbols, in the background.

Click here to view this clip on MEMRI TV.

Jewish character: "Cry out, oh Zionism, Egypt has had a taste of freedom. Anyone who comes near the fire of the revolution will be burned by it. You know full well, oh Zionists and lackeys of the accursed regime, that if the situation in Egypt improves, Zionism will go down the drain.

"What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for [the Arabs] to enter Tel Aviv or to return to Jerusalem? If the revolution succeeds, they will be able to reconcile between Fatah and Hamas. They will stop giving us natural gas, and leave us with nothing but the shirts on our backs. Oh Lord, foil this revolution.


"We should make the Egyptians dance to the drumbeat of Zionism. The best ploy everywhere is to instigate strife between the crescent and the cross. If you want this to end in tears, ruin Fridays and Sundays. Are you waiting for the Egyptians to awaken? If you want to make things worse, torch mosques and churches. Instigate strife between Muslims and Christians, between Sufis and Salafis, between fans of the Al-Ahli and Zamalek soccer clubs. What are you waiting for?

He "blows" a trumpet


"Are we waiting for them to turn against us? If you can't beat them, pit them one against the other. If you cannot rip the strong fabric of this flag, unravel it.

"What does not rip should be unraveled: Muslims and Christians, Salafis and Wahhabis, fans of Zamalek and fans of Al-Ahli, even between men and women.

"Divide and conquer, oh Zionists. We want to instigate strife, we will not sit idly by. I swear by the Talmud, by the synagogue, and my own eyes that [Mubarak's] National Democratic Party will return.


"Be prepared! Divide and conquer! Divide and Conquer!"


Al-Hafez TV studio

Al-Hafez TV host Atef Abd Al-Rashid: "This is a good effort. It involves art, values, as well as important warnings."


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