December 9, 2009 Special Announcements No. 104


December 9, 2009
Special Announcements No. 104

Today we are announcing the launch of the upgraded Features found on the website now include:

· A Single Portal for All MEMRI Websites & BLOGS: The new home page integrates all MEMRI websites into a single portal page, from which users can preview and navigate MEMRI's nine websites and blogs. The page also links to MEMRI’s pages on social networking sites, and has a link for downloading the MEMRI widget.

· Comprehensive Subject Pages: Users now have access to research-friendly subject pages that integrate related material from the other MEMRI websites, including access to MEMRI TV clips. We will soon also be launching specific subject pages of leading current events, to deliver all updated, relevant MEMRI content as they unfold in real time.

· Featured Reports BOX: This box allows users easy access to the most important and timely Special Dispatch and Inquiry & Analysis reports.

· Expanded Archives: Provides easy access to MEMRI archives of over 6,000 reports, on all subjects and countries, from our Special Dispatch and Inquiry & Analysis series, as well as to the MEMRI TV Project – which includes nearly 10,000 minutes of translated material. Over 30,000 individual blog entries can be accessed from the archives; MEMRI adds over 10,000 entries annually to its blogs.

· Cartoon HOME Page: At, users can view MEMRI’s extensive collections of cartoons published in the Middle East media, on a single easy-to-navigate page.

· Links to MEMRI's Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, AND OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKING Pages: MEMRI users can now easily share MEMRI dispatches, analysis, research, and videos with a single click – via these popular social networking platforms, and also via others such as MEMRI is constantly adding the latest technology to help you stay informed of the latest developments in the Middle East.

· SPONSORSHIP/ADVERTISING AVAILABLE: MEMRI's websites receive millions of hits every year. Sponsorship opportunities are available for individual MEMRI TV clips, entire MEMRI pages, and all MEMRI blogs, as well as for MEMRI emails. Our growing list of users comprises the most influential audiences in the world: government (U.S. and foreign); military (all branches and ranks); academia (over 500 universities worldwide); leading American and foreign media outlets; legislatures; foreign policy think tanks; and the public at large – including human rights and women’s rights groups, NGOs, and many others. To ask how to sponsor a MEMRI project, a MEMRI TV clip, or other MEMRI research, write to [email protected].


· DONATE: The new and expanded MEMRI donation page (powered by Convio) offers you nine different ways of supporting MEMRI's mission. Your donation can be also directed to the research project of your choice. Donating online helps keep administrative costs down. CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO MEMRI NOW.

Donations to MEMRI are tax deductible. MEMRI is a 501 (c) (3) organization that exists thanks to contributions from concerned donors. Please donate now to help MEMRI continue to develop our online presence.


The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has been at the forefront of bridging the language gap between the Middle East and the West, in a consistent and nonpartisan manner, since 1998.

During this period, MEMRI has amassed the largest archives in the world of translations and research from open source material in Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Urdu and Pashtu sources – making our website,, one of the most widely used online resources for research about the Middle East and beyond. is relied upon by millions of visitors each year, from our primary audience of media, academia, legislatures and governments – as well as the public at large – around the world, and is translated into eleven languages.

Sincerely yours,

Steven Stalinsky

Executive Director

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