August 22, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7633

Educational Materials Used In Houthi Summer Camps Include Calls Of 'Death To America,' 'Curse The Jews'

August 22, 2018
Yemen, The Gulf | Special Dispatch No. 7633

The Yemenite website Al-'Asima Online reports that the Houthis are taking advantage of the summer vacation to recruit youths to fight in their militias. To this end, they have established summer camps in Sanaa and other areas under their control, as a substitute for the camps supervised by Yemen's Youth and Sports Ministry, which  stopped operating after the Houthi coup. The website stated further that special educational materials have been printed for use in the camps, and presented passages from some of them, which include invective against the U.S., the Jews and Israel. [1] It should be noted that the Houthis admitted that they have changed the school curricula in in the areas under their control.[2]

August 9, 2018 cartoon in Saudi Makka daily: the Houthis fill "the Yemeni curriculum" with culture of death

This report reviews some of the examples presented by the Al-'Asima Online website.[3]

Reading And Writing Exercise: "Death To America," "Death To Israel"

A reading and writing exercise in one of the booklets requires the pupils to read and copy various sentences. Among them are familiar slogans of the Iranian regime and the Houthi Ansar Allah movement, such as "death to America," "death to Israel," "America is the Great Satan," "curse the Jews," "victory for Islam," and "we are Ansar Allah."

Reading and writing exercise

Reading Exercise: "We Shall Not Succumb To America," "It Will Surely Perish Today"

Another example is a poem titled "Husseinis" (referring to the Shi'ites, who regard themselves as the loyal followers of Imam Hussein bin 'Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad). The poem stresses the willingness to sacrifice one's life for the sake of Allah, Muhammad and Islam, and it too contains expressions against America and the Zionists. The poem reads:

"'Ali alone is our patron, and the pure descendants of the Prophet.

"We are men always willing to sacrifice our souls for our Lord, the Lord of the Worlds.

"Yes, let the entire world hear: we shall sacrifice [our souls] to live in honor.

"We have risked our lives for Allah's religion, so that men and faith can live upon the earth.

"Tell the enemies about us. We shall continue to be jihad fighters, as they have become accustomed [to seeing].

"We say to every stubborn tyrant: Our Lord will keep [us] from living in [a state of] surrender.

"We Husseinis do not fear Yazid,[4] and shall not bow our heads before America.

"Tell America that we shall remain armed from head to toe.                 

"[We are] jihad fighters, we say 'Allah Akbar,' America will surely perish today.

"We wish Israel and the imperialists death [and an afterlife] in hell.

"We curse every Zionist and hope he remains despised, cowed and humiliated forever.

"We have declared: we fight for the sake of Allah. That is the promise of the Lord of the Worlds."

The poem titled "Husseinis"

Houthi summer camp booklets titled "Reading and Writing" and "My Prayer"



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[4] The reference is to Yazid bin Mu'awiya, who killed 'Hussein bin 'Ali and his followers in the Battle of Karbala in 680 CE.

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