Polish Antisemitic Film About Global Jewish Conspiracy Airs In Warsaw Cinema, Is Promoted By Leading White Supremacist, Ultranationalist, And Neo-Fascist Figures And Channels – Including YouTube Chanel Operated By Government-Funded Party; Remains On YouTube Two Weeks Before Being Removed

October 7, 2021

On September 15, 2021, a film titled "Powrót do Jedwabnego" ("Return To Jedwabne"), created by antisemitic Polish journalist Wojciech Sumliński, premiered in the Wisła cinema in the Polish capital of Warsaw.

The film, which was promoted by Sumliński on his Twitter account and uploaded to his YouTube channel two days before its screening, presents an antisemitic conspiracy theory of global dimensions concerning the July 1941 massacre of Jews in the Polish town of Jedwabne. Estimates of the number of victims range from several hundred to 1,600.[1] According to the film, Jews and their supporters worldwide collaborated to propagate the alleged fiction that it was Poles, not Germans, who murdered the town's Jewish citizens.  

On September 17, several YouTube and Telegram channels, as well as various accounts on video cloud services such as Bitchute and Odysee, posted the film, after Sumliński called on viewers to copy and share it for fear it would be removed from his YouTube channel, where it garnered half a million views.[2] The film was finally removed from his channel on October 4, 2021, and his channel taken down.

The following report details the conspiracy theory presented in the film, its airing by white supremacist, ultranationalist, and neo-Fascist YouTube channels – including one operated by the government-funded National Movement party – and these channels' livestreamed interviews with Sumliński, well-known historical revisionists, and others, as well as viewers' commentary on the film and interviews.

Sumliński: The Premier Of The Film, Which "Unmasks" Alleged Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy, Was "Blocked" By "The Jews"

According to its creator Sumliński, who on September 13 promoted the film on his Twitter[3] and YouTube[4] accounts, the film "unmasks" an alleged worldwide Jewish conspiracy orchestrated by Polish Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich and American Jewish organizations. According to the theory, the rabbi and these organizations, with the support of influential public figures such as former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, launched international campaigns aimed at attributing responsibility for the Jedwabne massacre to the Poles instead of the Germans, in order to force Poland to pay restitution to the Jews and return property seized from them during the Holocaust.

The film also charges Jews with collaborating with the Soviet wartime occupation against the Poles, and alleges that Jews had been "granted autonomy" by the Germans in ghettoes and enjoyed preferential treatment there – treatment denied the Poles.

Sumliński's September 13 tweet promoting the film

On September 16, Sumliński discussed, on his Twitter[5] and YouTube[6] accounts, the Jews' "blocking" of the film's premier and notifying followers that it would be aired on YouTube the following day.

In  the YouTube video, he stated: "Jews dream about returning to Poland and about our country, to destroy it [...] this is what this film is talking about [...] we show how Polish and American Jews partition Poland between themselves [...] the Jews blocked the premiere of the film [...] but tomorrow, September 17, is the anniversary of the [1939] attack of the Soviets on Poland and the beginning of the Jewish occupation in Poland. We chose this day for the premiere not by chance. We will start broadcasting the film at 8 P.M. on YouTube."

Sumliński talks about the Jews "blocking" the premier of his film

Comments On Film On Sumliński's YouTube Channel: It Should Be Aired On Polish TV; "After A Chainsaw, Use A Bludgeon" On Jews

Comments on the film on Sumliński's YouTube channel included calls for the translation and distribution of the film abroad. For example, user "Hanna _wiśniewska" wrote: "Jews wanted [to hide] the truth about themselves and I hope that the whole world will find out the truth about them by showing the film on Polish television."

Others called for violence against Jews, such as user "74 Gruz" who wrote: "They have not murdered us all, Hail to Great Poland," and "Marek Bas," who wrote: "One punishment for traitors, Polish-speaking rogues. After a chainsaw, use a bludgeon."  

September 16: White Supremacist YouTube Channel Livestreams Polish Revisionist Historian: "A German-Jewish Conspiracy Against Poland – Germans No Longer Want To Be Seen As Perpetrators And Jews Want The Poles To Pay"

The white supremacist "NL24.TV – Niezależny Lublin" ("Independent Lublin") channel on YouTube,[7] as well as the Cda.pl website,[8] livestreamed on September 16 a video of Ewa Kurek, an antisemitic Holocaust revisionist historian and one of the backers of the film. Kurek has for years argued that Jews lie about Polish actions during WWII in order to smear Poland.[9]

In the video, Kurek commented on the problems with the premiere of the film: "Yesterday the Jews once again organized a 'hutzpah' – an attempt to shut up Wojtek Sumiński and me too, a bit, because I am also in this film. Yesterday the Wisła cinema in which the premiere of the film was scheduled, was blackmailed by the Jewish Community, Michnik [editor in chief of the daily Gazeta Wyborcza] and the devil knows who else is behind it [...] they blocked the premiere of this film."

She continued: "Today, Jews: Michnik, [Chief Rabbi of Poland] Schudrich, who is an agent of American Jews – remember that Poland is a state only of Poles – attempt to take over Poland. In 2000, an agent of American Jews, Schudrich, was sent to Poland with the mission [of enabling the] takeover of Poland by Jews. In the same year, Jan Tomasz Gross's book Neighbors [on the Jedwabne massacre] was published [...] Jews, especially American ones, are looking for a new source of income. Earlier, the Germans paid Jews, but they stopped [...] only an argument was needed to make Poles pay, to show the Poles as Hitler's collaborators, accomplices in the crime, and that is what Jedwabne is all about."

Referring to the U.S. Congress's JUST act supporting efforts to provide restitution for the seized property of Holocaust victims, Kurek said: "The 447 act, according to which Jews are to be given heirless property [...] Jews try to cheat us on money or real estate, or they just want to move in to take over Poland. [...] This is it. A German-Jewish conspiracy against Poland. Germans no longer want to be seen as perpetrators and Jews want the Poles to pay."

Revisionist historian Ewa Kurek in video livestreamed on white supremacist "NL24.TV – Niezależny Lublin" ("Independent Lublin") channel on YouTube, September 16, 2021

September 17: Film Is Aired By Government-Funded "National Movement" Party, Along With Livestreamed Interview Of Sumliński  Who Says: "Jews Are Afraid Of One Thing We Have – Truth"

The Polish ultranationalist "Media Narodowe" ("National Media") YouTube channel, run by the "Ruch Narodowy" ("National Movement") party, which is partially financed by Poland's state budget, broadcast the film on September 17 and livestreamed an interview with Sumliński.

In the interview, Sumliński said: "Jews thought that they would have their Polin ["Poland" in Hebrew] here, and if we do not defend ourselves, they will."

He continued: "They invested millions to draw billions from Poland. [...] Now they want the international situation around Poland to be so bad that we will have to pay [...] Isn't the situation getting so bad for us in the international arena? The Germans and the Russians once again reached a pact – the Nord Stream 2 [an agreement between Germany and Russia to build a Baltic gas pipe line outside Polish territorial waters]."

Speaking about the U.S., Sumliński said: "Biden, when he was still the vice president of the United States, at a meeting with the ADL, said: 'You were with me in every matter, so now I will be with you, because you and me are one.' You can say that the United States is friendly to us, but its president is hostile to us."

"Jews are afraid of one thing we have – truth –  and this truth has been mocked in Jedwabne," he continued. "A strong state would carry out an exhumation in Jedwabne. We would then expose the Jewish lies [...] and their entire narrative will be refuted – all in order to gain power, money, and Polin."[10]

This video was viewed over 80,000 times, and most of the comments express thanks and praise to the filmmaker, and ask that the film be translated into other languages.

Sumliński  in  video livestreamed on Polish ultranationalist "Media Narodowe" ("National Media") YouTube channel, September 17, 2021.

September 18: Sumliński In Neo-Fascist Youtube Channel Livestreamed Interview: With Its " Powerful Tentacles,"  The Jewish Community "Blocked The Premiere Of The Film In Warsaw And Łódź"; Commentary: "Kikes Are Everywhere In Poland" And "Want To Rob And Murder Poles"; "Antisemitism Is Our National Responsibility"

The neo-fascist "eMisjaTv" livestreamed an interview with on its YouTube channel on September 18, which received nearly 120,000 views. The video was titled: "Jews partition Poland just like a cake! Sumliński exposes the myth about Jedwabne."

In this interview, Sumliński said: "American and Polish Jews treat Poland like a conquered state. The Jewish community has such powerful tentacles, that they blocked the premiere of the film in Warsaw and Łódź. [...] they [the Jews] are not just about money [...] They want them to have their Poland here because in Israel the ground is burning under their feet. They have a problem with water, so they believe that they will have their own island here, their autonomy [...] they want so much money from us that we would not be willing to pay them, and then they will demand all of Poland."[11]

Commenting on the film and on this interview, user "Stanisław Dominiak" wrote: "Poland is a Catholic country?  Kikes are everywhere."; user "Talmud – a book of racism" wrote: "A tribe of snakes, they want to rob and murder Poles."; user "Grazyna Lipka" wrote: "Poland is taken over, run by kikes. Mr. Wojtek [Sumliński], thank you for the great material."; and User "Daro Daro" wrote: "Antisemitism is our national responsibility."

Sumliński in interview livestreamed on neo-fascist "eMisjaTv," September 18, 2021

September 20: Extremist Nationalist Youtuber Comments On Film And Foreign Minister's Meeting With Chief Rabbi: He Should Have Met Instead With Those Involved In Making The Film

On September 20, the extremist nationalist YouTuber Marcin Rola posted on his "WRealu24" channel a video in which he commented on the film and on the September 17 meeting of the Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich and Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau. The video received over 70,000 views.

Rola said: "Why did you meet there? It is no coincidence that it happened on this day. On that day, the Minister should have [instead] invited Wojciech Sumliński, Ewa Kurek, and Major Budzyński [who were involved in making the film], to thank them. And that, on a day so important to all Poles, on the day of the premiere. But he [instead] met with Rabbi Schudrich – the man who is behind the lie in Jedwabne."

"Are Poles like Palestinians? Will we be the second Palestine?" Rolla continued: "[These] people completed the film because Poles want the truth and our government ignores it. The minister meets with the architect of this lie."

Commenting on Rola's video, user "Jerzy Jarski" wrote: "Break off diplomatic relations with Israel."; user "Eligiusz Lokietek" wrote: "what is this Mr. Szuldrich and his kind doing in Poland. He and his guys should get a kick in the ass long ago and get out of Poland."; user "Dominika Stachyra" wrote: "This is not Polin, this is Poland! Get out!"; and "Joanna Bomert" wrote: "For a Jew, a lie repeated 100 times becomes true. For a Pole, facts are truth!"[12]


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