International Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists React To Russia-Ukraine Tensions, Claiming The Conflict Is Orchestrated By Jews; Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Recruit Foreign Fighters, Offer Combat Training To Civilians In Preparation For Resisting Russian Invasion

February 16, 2022

In late 2021, Russia began mobilizing military materials and personnel to areas bordering eastern Ukraine, escalating an already tense situation in the Donbas region. Tensions between the two countries have continued to rise in the last few weeks, and the U.S. government has stated that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is likely imminent.[i]

On social media, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, militia groups, and fascists have commented on the escalating tensions and the possibility of war between Ukraine and Russia. Many blamed the crisis on Jews, claiming that they are orchestrating the conflict as part of a plan to kill off white people or to profit from the war. Other neo-Nazis posted comments expressing their opposition to the war, claiming that it would only lead to the death of white men and that the conflict does not concern them.

Neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine have continued to offer firearms training to recruits and have encouraged more people to attend these training sessions amidst heightening tensions, instructing followers in ways to prepare for resisting a Russian invasion. Some of these groups have also begun recruiting internationally and soliciting on social media for foreign volunteers to join them as fighters.

In the United States and Russia, neo-Nazis claimed that Jews are behind the rising tensions between the two countries and are attempting to ignite a war for their own benefit. Groups in the United States have, for the most part, stated that they are uninterested in supporting either side in a potential conflict and that becoming involved in the dispute will not benefit them. Some groups in Russia expressed their support of a possible invasion, stating their desire for the "unification" of Russian-speaking areas.

The following report highlights reactions to the ongoing situation in Ukraine from neo-Nazis, white supremacist, and other extremists across different forums and social media platforms.


Neo-Nazis Online: Jews Are Orchestrating A War Between Russia And Ukraine

Many neo-Nazis and white supremacists have suggested that Jews in Russia, Ukraine, and the United States are fostering tensions in order to cause a war that will benefit them, either monetarily or by killing white people.

In a neo-Nazi posted on a message that blamed Jews for the latest tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The post stated: "Fucking Kikes caused this mess and now they run away like the rats that they are. I bet those ebil nahtzees in the Ukraine are Jews in disguise. I mean they sound like ISIS and we all know ISIS is Jewish. Another thing, Amerika which hates National Socialists do support these people in the Ukraine. It also sounds like Danzing, when the Jews were killing Germans in Poland to provoke the Germans."

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Neo-Nazis Offer Combat Training To Support "Resistance" To Russian Invasion, Call For Joining Ukrainian Military

Neo-Nazis in Ukraine have been offering combat training in preparation for a possible Russian invasion. Outside Ukraine, some neo-Nazis have called for foreigners to join the Ukrainian armed forces or militias in Ukraine to fight in the possibly upcoming war.

A neo-Nazi channel published a post urging Ukrainians to join military training at the Russian-Ukrainian border, which was scheduled to take place on January 29-30 in Kharkiv. The channel explained that President Putin is raising his bets in his confrontation with the West, and that a deployment of a Russian contingent in Donbass is imminent. The channel argued that given the situation, only Ukrainians can protect their statehood, saying that Ukraine's victory depends on the "militarization" of its population. The channel provided a link to a Google form for signing up for training. The form asks for basic information, such as the subscriber's name, as well as background information, such as the subscriber's level of combat training. An accompanying graphic depicted armed militants, the crossed-out emblem of the ruling "United Russia" party, and the text, "Legalization Of Puppets."

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An account by a member of a neo-Nazi militant group posted photos of military training that is apparently ongoing near Kiev. He claimed that the training was organized by the former leader of a prominent neo-Nazi group. He added: "Veterans of our detachment, along with instructors from other veteran communities, taught everyone the basics of arms handling and broke down some tactics that may be useful for every Ukrainian during a full-scale Russian offensive." He urged his subscribers to join the military training. The photos showed armed men in military uniforms alongside people in civilian clothes performing military training exercises.

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A social media account affiliated with a Ukrainian neo-Nazi group posted about military training led by the former leader of a neo-Nazi group. The channel wrote that there were more than 500 attendees and that they learned weapon handling skills, urban tactics, the movement of small groups, equipment handling, and tactical medicine. The channel wrote: "Considering the threat of a Russian invasion [of Ukraine], such events are the best way for youth to spend the weekend." The post urged subscribers to join military training and provided an account to contact for more information. Accompanying photos showed scenes from the training.

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A neo-Nazi account posted photos of a lecture held by a neo-Nazi movement about possible scenarios of Russian invasion into Ukraine and exploring resistance tactics. The channel urged its subscribers to join an upcoming lecture about tactical medicine. The account listed a private user as a contact person for subscribers who want to help the movement.

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A neo-Nazi account posted photos of military training held on February 1. The channel explained that in light of the Ukraine-Russia crisis, instructors of the group conducted an initial military training course for employees of a local City Council. The channel also posted a link to a similar item on the group's website.

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A neo-Nazi account called for followers to join a neo-Nazi group in Ukraine, writing: "An announcement to the National Socialist comrades living in America and Europe! It's time to make sacrifices for National Socialism!" The channel then posted a link to a Ukrainian government website explaining how foreign nationals can serve in the Ukrainian armed forces.

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On a message board, known for hosting neo-Nazis and white supremacists, an anonymous individual allegedly based in the United States started a thread on February 6 asking for information about joining a group to fight with in Ukraine. In the post, the user wrote that he is 18 and that he has "nothing else to live for" and is "signing up to die." Various other users on the board posted information about groups he can join in Ukraine. Some suggested he carry out a terrorist attack at home instead.

A user from Australia suggested joining the neo-Nazi Azov Regiment: "If you're a nationalist you can volunteer in Azov battalion."

A user from Ukraine suggested contacting Azov via Telegram.

A Serbian user claimed that he was contacting Azov via Telegram and commented that "getting military experience in Azov alongside other ideologically [sic] people is something that would be very beneficial."

One user, who claimed to be from Germany, posted a link to the website of the Right Sector, an ultranationalist militia and suggested that the user "fly to Kiev" and visit the group's office in Obol.

Several users insulted the original poster's desire to go fight in Ukraine, claiming that the war was being orchestrated by Jews. A user in the U.S commented: "why do you want to die for a zog [Zionist Occupation Government] puppet so badly?"

Another user from Russia wrote that Jews "want a lot of white man to just disappear on the battlefield," adding that those who join this conflict will "die fo that kikestate globohomo."

Another comment, from a user with a Nazi flag icon, read: "you don't have to partake in a jewish war to kill more white nationalist people," adding that the conflict is "engineered to kill of whites who are nationalistic/conservative on both sides while keeping the f**gots alive."

Multiple users suggested that the original poster carry out terrorist attacks at home, targeting the government, Jews and other groups. One user, with a Montenegro flag icon, posted an image of the Oklahoma City Bomber, Timothy McVeigh, writing: "why would you die fighting in a foreign land when you can die fighting at home? Seems pretty stupid."

The same user then posted an image of the neo-Nazi novel The Turner Diaries, which inspired Timothy McVeigh to carry out his attack, and wrote: "Timothy McVeigh was the original badass, blew up 168 n**gers and zogbots, and injured 680, and he was inspired by pic related. He did more for white nationalism in the US than all the politicians that came after him, because only ideas strong people are willing to die for are worth anything."

The user with the Montenegro flag icon referenced other domestic terrorists in another post, writing: "Have you heard of Timothy McVeigh? Robert Bowers? Omar Mateen? You can always kill your enemies, the war is always on. If you're willing to kill and die, you might as well do it at home where it will have 10 000 times the impact as you getting drone striked one some jewkrainian buttfuck steppe."

The final post by the user from Montenegro included an image of Christopher Dorner, a former police officer who carried out a series of shootings in the U.S targeting police officers in 2013. The user wrote: "You can kill kikes, n**gers, politicians, leftists, f**gots, cops, military, w/e. So many targets in the US. If I ever gave up on life that's what I would do, just go on a killing spree."

A Canadian user suggested that instead of fighting in Ukraine, the user "go out and use all your training against the evil scum sending you to all these pointless fucking wars."

An American commenter wrote: "why would you want to kill other whites on behalf of Jews. Why not just kill some jews in your spare time?"

A user who indicated that he may be Canadian called for the killing of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, writing: "Come to Canada we need you to hunt down Trudeau."

Support For Russian Invasion In Ukraine

Some white supremacists and neo-Nazis expressed support for a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, citing their desire for the unification of all Russian-speaking regions.

A white supremacist Russian group posted a video featuring two of its leaders. In the video, they discussed the Ukraine-Russia crisis, stating that the group believes that the conflict in Ukraine is in fact a war of national liberation for a Russian people who were separated. Thus, they said, the movement supports the reunification of Russian lands – meaning territories of the former USSR – regardless of who does it. However, they continued, that they are critical of the actions of Putin's government, calling it a "Russophobic regime." One leader stated that the group will not urge members to participate in the conflict. However, he mentioned that "some of our comrades" are prepared to go to Ukraine on their own, as part of private militias.

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The social media account of an ultranationalist movement posted a screenshot of a tweet by Russian politician Leonid Gozman, stating that in the face of the Ukraine-Russia crisis, Ukrainians will die protecting their county, while Russians will die for the hubris of one man — Putin. The account claimed that Gozman is wrong, writing: "Back then, Russophobes like you [Gozman], with the money provided by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Baruchs, and Schiffs, seized the Russian Empire, and for more than 100 years systematically destroyed it [...] So, you'd better shut up, you Russophobe! And the Russian Empire will be restored, no matter how much the henchmen of neocons like Gozman don't want it to happen."

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Neo-Nazis Oppose Involvement In Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Neo-Nazis, particularly in the United States, argued that a potential war between Russia and Ukraine is of no concern to them. They stated that U.S interests are not at stake in the conflict and that any involvement will only lead to the death of more white people. Others repeated the antisemitic argument that Jews are orchestrating the conflict, and that others should therefore refrain from participating.

On a neo-Nazi forum, owned by an American neo-Nazi group, a user posted an article about a Russian neo-Nazi mercenary unit, Task Force Rusich, saying it may return to Ukraine to fight.

Graphical user interface, text, application, emailDescription automatically generated A user voiced his opposition to the war in a post on the forum, writing: "I sincerely hope younger White men and women can see that these conflicts are yet another meat grinder for our people and to avoid them if at all possible. Don't feed the Jews' Beast, starve it of our lives and energy."

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Another user on the forum also blamed Jews for the tensions: "Someone whipping up Whites to slaughter Whites... Jewish... Every. Single. Time."

TextDescription automatically generated with medium confidence A Texas-based neo-Nazi shared a video from another social media account. The video showed Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba talking about his country's desire to deepen security cooperation with Israel. The Texan commented on the video, arguing that white supremacists should not participate in a potential war between Russia and Ukraine: "All I can say is it is a waste of blood for a racist white man to die in the crossfire between us/israel and russia. As much as everyone will hate to hear it, if a war starts between them there and you live there and you're NS, I'd rather that you do a tactical retreat, flee."

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 A chapter of a neo-fascist group wrote online: "This is not our fight," adding a video with the text: "Let us bury no more of our country's children – Drawn into wars which we have no part in." The video then showed images from the 9/11 attacks, with the text: "tricked by staged attacks, fooled into conflict by false flags – 9/11 – Gulf of Tonkin – Pearl Harbor – Fort Sumter... And soon something to blame the Russians." The video then showed photos of wounded and dead soldiers, concluding with an image of the Russian and Ukrainian flags, with the text: "Don't fall for another false flag, no matter what they try."

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A white supremacist Canadian account shared a post which stated: "The diversity hire invaders that have taken over our government have decided that WE are with the system as they try to provoke Russia to war for no reason. There's zero advantage to us, other than our parasitic politicians get to curry favor with the same anti-White system that's ruining our country already." The post included an image of a Sikh man holding a sign that reads: "#STANDWITHUKRAINE."

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A Canadian white supremacist social media account commented on the tensions between Ukraine and Russia, writing "The Canadian people have nothing to benefit from intervening in an Eastern European border dispute. Our leaders are corrupt shills why want to curry favor with the system."

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A white supremacist commented in a post on the possible deployment of American troops to Europe: "8,500 troops invade Central Europe. Not one defends the US Southern border. Building back browner. Preparing for White genocide in Ukraine."

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A neo-Confederate white supremacist group issued a statement on its website and social media account about the potential conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The statement, written by the group's leader, urged "all Southerners to refrain from supporting such an ill-advised and dangerous venture into a dispute that is none of our business." The statement called the potential conflict a "Jew globalist military enterprise."

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In the social media group of an anti-government militia group a user posted an article published an article run by an ultranationalist group. In the post, the user claimed that "Deep State globalists have an ulterior motive behind the banging of the war drums." The article he shared, he claimed, explains how this potential war is being used to create "a world effectively controlled by the United Nations."

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In a chat channel of a neo-Nazi group a user responded to a call to fight in Ukraine, writing: "How do White Americans benefit from fighting a pointless war in Ukraine which Ukrainians will lose? Putin is bad of course but thinking more nationalist Whites should mindlessly get killed is foolish."

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[1], February 7, 2022.

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