German Right-Wing Party Leader And Pro-Hizbullah, Pro-Russian Propagandist Publishes Latest Podcast, Claims To Have Visited Regions Of Ukraine Annexed By Russia, Promotes Alliances With Palestinian Movements

March 27, 2023

German journalist and leader of a right-wing party, who is prominent among neo-Nazis and a supporter of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hizbullah published a video podcast on his Telegram channel in early March. In the Telegram post in which he shared his podcast, he listed numerous ways to donate.

The following report will provide an overview of the latest episode of his podcast.

Leader Spreads Russian Propaganda And Promotes Alliance With Palestinians

In the podcast, the leader addressed a so-called "Manifesto" published by a leading politician and prominent feminist activist urging Germany to halt any heavy weapons delivery to Ukraine. The leader points out divisions among the left  regarding the issue of support for Ukraine.

Going on to promote Russian propaganda messaging, the leader made claims about Nazis in the Ukrainian government and said that he had visited the four Ukrainian regions annexed by Russia and said that "referendum observers" in these regions declared that the vote showed a clear result in favor of joining Russia. The leader concludes the video urging his listeners to purchase Palestinian solidarity coffee mugs embossed with the Palestinian flags and slogans.

He concludes the video urging his listeners to purchase Palestinian solidarity coffee mugs embossed with the Palestinian flags and slogans: "A Free Palestine" and "Goodbye Apartheid." He states the following: "With our Palestinian mugs, we stand up for the freedom of the Palestinians, and to an end to the brutal Israeli apartheid regime." He has been previously accused of Holocaust denial, and is infamous in Germany for spreading conspiracy theories. He had previously declared that Germany has  no "responsibility for the security of Israel or for the state's right to exist."

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