Amazon Sells And Promotes Antisemitic Literature in French, In Direct Violation Of French Hate Speech Laws

January 2, 2020

The following report reviews the sales of antisemitic books in French on, with a focus on French antisemitic writer Hervé Ryssen. Amazon's platform is available to antisemitic authors writing in many languages, including French. In France, contravenes the French hate speech laws which aim at protecting individuals and groups from defamation on the grounds of identity.

Indeed, Amazon appears to be the largest library of antisemitic books online. Not only does it enable readers from all parts of the world to buy the books, but it also encourages purchases as Christmas gifts during the holiday season, offers free shipping, and in the same way that it routinely offers additional books to its clients based on their preferences, suggests a wide range of additional antisemitic titles, with the caption: "the clients who bought this item also bought [the following items]," followed by a series of antisemitic titles which it offers for sale.

Amazon's suggestions for more antisemitic books to buy

However, Amazon does not only promote antisemitic books on its own platform. An online reader of a newspaper posting ads might come across an offer to buy antisemitic books if they had at one point showed some interest in them on Amazon. This is the same means Amazon uses to promote ordinary items.

Screenshot of Amazon ad for the Protocols of the Elders of Zion appearing while scrolling on mainstream French newspaper site

Additionally, Amazon promotes these books with the openly antisemitic text that it adds to describe them. The following are examples of antisemitic books and authors promoted on Some books are originally in French and others are French translations of well-known antisemitic works, such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This report provides an overview and is not a comprehensive survey.

Hervé Lalin aka Ryssen Depicts Jews As Different From The Rest Of Humankind

French writer and ideologue Hervé Lalin, aka "Ryssen," has been convicted In France numerous times of antisemitism and of provoking acts of discrimination. He was convicted in January 2019 for Holocaust denial.[1] Close to French antisemitic ideologue Alain Soral,[2] and to Jerome Bourbon, the editor of the extreme rightwing weekly Rivarol,[3] Ryssen is the author of a dozen books denouncing the "Jewish Mafia,"[4] and the alleged Jewish control of politics, the arts, and the media.

Ryssen participated in a "large public meeting" on January 30, 2019, under the banner "Yellow Vests, the Coming Revolution." The meeting was publicized on Alain Soral's conspiracist and antisemitic website, "Equality and Reconciliation." Additional participants slated to be at the meeting who were mentioned in the announcement were Alain Soral himself, Jérôme Bourbon, Elie Hatem from the French far-right monarchist political movement Action Française and Yvan Benedetti (former president of Œuvre Française, a far-right French political movement founded in 1968). These leading figures used the popular French Yellow Vests movement, founded on demands for economic justice, to promote their own agenda, highlighting the Jews as those responsible for the social and economic hardships suffered by the French.

Ryssen On YouTube: Incest Is A Jewish Thing And Feminism Was Created By The Jewish Victims Of Incest

In his attempt to portray the Jews as loathsome, Ryssen has posted several videos about Jews and their "weird customs," on YouTube and has developed theories about Jews and incest, and about Jews and feminism. He has also linked his two theories, writing that Jewish women created feminism as a form of revenge against their fathers who abused them. On February 16, 2019, Ryssen posted a video titled "The Jews, Incest and Hysteria."[5] As of December 23, 2019, it had been seen 10,626 times, liked 243 times, and disliked only 16 times. The video opens with a sequence showing ultra-Orthodox Jews swaying in prayer or bent over a Talmud. As these images play onscreen, Ryssen elaborates about incest among Jews, which he describes as a common practice in Jewish communities.

"Between father and daughter there was true friendship, a kind of mutual understanding. One could feel that the Besht was closer to his daughter than to his wife" – a quote from a book by Elie Wiesel included in Ryssen's video "The Jews, Incest and Hysteria," posted on YouTube.

Throughout the video, Ryssen develops his theory that feminism (which he views negatively) was initiated by Jewish women who suffered incest from their fathers, citing several Jewish books and movies as "evidence." According to Ryssen, even 20th century major French feminist author Simone de Beauvoir was "contaminated" by the Jewish victims of incest.

The following are several excerpts from Ryssen's argument:

"It is unclear to what extent incest is practiced within Jewish families. There are no statistics, but through literature and movies in particular, I was able to realize... that the topic of incest came up very frequently among artists and intellectuals of this [Jewish] community.... Elie Wiesel, the super champion of the Holocaust narrative, had some ambiguous words about incest. In his book Chassidic Celebration – the second volume, published in 1981 – he told about the Besht, the Baal Shem Tov, founder of the Hassidic movement, in Poland, in the 18th century... Let me quote Elie Wiesel: 'Between father and daughter there was true friendship, a kind of mutual understanding. One could feel that the Besht was closer to his daughter than to his wife.'"

"... Here can be found the true origin of feminism. Indeed, historically, the feminist movement was launched by Jewish women... but of course, as usual, the gentiles were contaminated, as was Simone de Beauvoir who fulfills the role of the militant goy for a typically Judaic (sic) cause..."

Ryssen goes on to point out that French Jewish economist Jacques Attali, French Jewish philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, French Jewish philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy and "a very well-known [Jewish] American," author Philip Roth, have elaborated about incest in their works: "The influential Jacques Attali mentioned this question [of incest between mother and son] in several of his books – at least four of them.... we also found clear hints to physical incest in other well-known authors such as Alain Finkielkraut for example, who raised the issue in his book The Imaginary Jew [Le Juif Imaginaire] in 1980; Bernard-Henry Lévy speaks about it in his novel The Devil in Mind [Le Diable En Tête] in 1984, and Philip Roth, a very famous American, in Portnoy's Complaint..."

Ryssen writes that when the Jews do not mention incest directly, they "project" it on the non-Jews: "We can often find this theme of incest in movies, but projected on the gentiles (...) As is Disengagement, a film by Israeli director Amos Gitai, released in 2007... Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple released in 1986 tackles the same topic. (...) It was obviously a projection, a thing Jewish intellectuals are familiar with."

Screenshot featuring leading French TV host Thierry Ardisson with subtitles by Ryssen: "Mesmerized, the stupid goy believes it all."

Ryssen: The Oedipus Complex Is A Jewish Thing

Ryssen alleges that only Jews are affected by the Oedipus complex: "There can be found the true origin of feminism. Indeed, historically, the feminist movement was launched by Jewish women, who project on European society the guilt they feel, instead of simply accusing their fathers or their rabbis. Sigmund Freud would support this claim, with his so-called Oedipus complex, which in reality only concerns the Jewish community (...) Sigmund Freud was obviously inspired by the behavior of his community in developing his theory about the primitive horde. For only in the Jewish community does the father own all the women, including his own daughters, nowhere else... for a normal goy, for a European, [the concept of Primitive horde] does not mean anything at all..."

The video concludes with the following image, featuring a series of antisemitic books by Ryssen. All but one are available on

But Ryssen doesn't only describe the purportedly loathsome customs of the Jews, or single them out for allegedly being different from the rest of humankind. He also revives old-time anti-Jewish stereotypes such as that of the greedy Jew, or that the Jews control the world, and denies the scope of the Holocaust. Ryssen has been convicted several times in France for defamation and questioning "crimes against humanity."[6] His most recent conviction was at the end of January 2019, after he posted a collage comprised of the actors from the French movie La Vérité Si Je Mens! 3 [Would I Lie To You? 3] against the background of the entrance to the Auschwitz extermination camp. The French movie tells the story of a group of Jewish gangsters. The American pro-Nazi site Daily Stormer published an article about Ryssen and re-posted the meme.[7]

Amazon.Fr Sells And Promotes Ryssen's Antisemitic Books

The following is an overview of Ryssen's books, along with the descriptive text provided by Amazon:

In his book Jewish Fanaticism, published in 2007, Ryssen writes that Jews from across the political and social spectrum aim to destroy nations in order to establish a "global empire." presents Jewish Fanaticism with the following openly conspiracist text describing the book:

Jewish Fanaticism, by Hervé Ryssen

"... wherever they are, the Jews are tirelessly campaigning to remove borders and dissolve national identities. Since nations are seen as generating wars and turmoil, they must be weakened and eventually eliminated in favor of a world government, the only kind of government that can bring happiness and prosperity on earth. This is the purpose for which Jewish intellectuals around the world work tirelessly. Whether left or right, Marxists or liberals, believers or atheists, Zionists or 'perfectly integrated,' they are the most fervent supporters of the Global Empire."

Ryssen's book The Jewish Mafia – The Great International Predators (Baskerville editions, 2008) is also for sale on Amazon. features an excerpt stating that the Jewish mafia is the most dangerous in the world, more so than the Russian or Sicilian mafia, and that it has murdered journalists: "... Everybody has heard about the Sicilian mafia; it is the most publicized one, the one we see most in the movies. In the early 1990s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we were also regularly told about the Russian mafia, the Chechen mafia and the Albanian mafia. But there is no such thing as the Jewish mafia: the Western media do not say anything about it. On the radio, on TV and in the press at large, no mention is made of it. It's a taboo subject. In Hollywood, likewise, the Jewishness of criminals and traffickers is almost never addressed; and it is not difficult to understand why. The Jewish mafia is, without a doubt, the most powerful mafia in the world. The most dangerous one too. Some nosy journalists have already been murdered."

The Jewish Mafia by Hervé Ryssen

It should be noted that The Jewish Mafia has been translated into Persian and is for sale in Iran, as shown in a tweet by right-wing activist Yvan Benedetti:

Ryssen: "Jews Have A Very Special Relationship With Money"

The antisemitic book The Billions of Israel – Jewish Swindlers and International Financiers is also for sale on

The Billions of Israel by Hervé Ryssen

The French website Kontre Kulture, created by Alain Soral in 2011, which is dedicated to selling antisemitic books in French, provides a description of The Billions of Israel which clearly reveals that the book aims to revive the antisemitic stereotype about rich Jews who are obsessed with money: "The Jews have a very special relationship with money. This is not an odious 'antisemitic prejudice' but a given fact, since Jews are very much over-represented among the billionaires of the planet. Since the dawn of time, scattered in all countries, they have been known for indulging in great international trade. They have also been the masters of banking and speculation for centuries."

The book attempts to show that Jews are not just overly-interested in money, but that they are eminent gangsters: "... it cannot be denied that they [Jews] played, and continue to play, a major part [in international finance]. And they are the kings of scams. Their records in this area are constantly being pulverized – not just broken, but truly 'pulverized,' to the point that the previous cases mentioned in The Jewish Mafia, in 2008, seem to be from another era (...). "

Ryssen: Jews Are "In Constant War With The Rest Of Humanity" And Responsible For Antisemitism

The History of Antisemitism as Seen by a Goy and Put Right Side Up (Baskerville, 2010) is also available on

The History of Antisemitism, by Hervé Ryssen

The Amazon text describing the book blames the Jews for antisemitism: "The history of Judaism is that of a sect in permanent war with the rest of humanity. Thus, at all times and in all countries, Jews have naturally aroused antisemitism. The scenario that unfolds is always the same: after the violence and the settling of scores, the goys (non-Jews) [first] legislate in order to contain the phenomenon and then they expel the unwanted [Jews]. But inevitably, after a while, they [the Jews] manage to enter the picture again and resume their trafficking and plotting, learning nothing from the lesson they were given. It has been like that for three thousand years. After reading this book, we do hope no one will ever mention again any Judeo-Christian civilization."

Other antisemitic books by Ryssen are also for sale on, such as Satan in Hollywood and The Mirror of Judaism:

Satan in Hollywood with a caption encouraging sales: "Christmas Reading"

The Mirror of Judaism, by Hervé Ryssen

Additional French Antisemitic Literature For Sale On Amazon.Fr

Not just Hervé Ryssen's books but the books of virtually all French antisemitic writers who violate the French law against incitement are for sale on Amazon. The following are several examples:

French Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson's book Ecrits Révisionnistes (Revisionist Writings) is for sale on The descriptive text provided by Amazon aims to justify Holocaust denial: "Those who question [alleged historical facts] are not 'deniers' or 'Holocaust deniers:' they strive to look for and find [truth] in places where there was apparently nothing left to probe or find... As they examine carefully what has been imposed on them as 'truths,' they will surely find out that... the first victim is verifiable truth: they will look for and find this truth... The official story of the Second World War includes a little bit of truth combined with a lot of falsities..."

Revisionist Writings by Robert Faurisson

Anne Kling is an extreme right-wing activist from the French Alsace First movement. She was also an international civil servant, at the Conseil de l'Europe, but was sanctioned for her antisemitic book La France Licratisée – which is available on Amazon – and was demoted by the Administrative Court.[8] The Ligue Internationale Contre le Racisme et l'Antisémitisme (LICRA), the Paris-based International League against Racism and Antisemitism, is described by its opponents as a Jewish organization which serves only Jewish interests. The message conveyed by the title of Kling's book is that all of France is under Jewish influence, which is wielded by the powerful LICRA.

La France Licratisée by Anne Kling

Anne Kling's antisemitic book Shoah, the Saga of Compensation is also available on, where even the descriptive text provided by Amazon incites against Jews, who are described as exploiting Europe to enrich themselves:

"The Holocaust has generated an uninterrupted flow of huge sums of money which has lasted for seventy years. It is called reparations/compensation for Jewish victims. Looking into the history of these payments, one can only see the common interests at stake: [interests] common to American leaders and certain Jewish organizations from across the Atlantic. They join forces to make Europeans pay and to translate the latter's carefully maintained, inexhaustible guilt and permanent self-accusations, into cash. The story of this real saga, with obvious political and financial implications, is told in this book..."

Shoah, the Saga of Compensation, by Anne Kling

Another blatantly antisemitic book by Anne Kling, Menteurs et Affabulateurs de la Shoah (The Shoah Liars and Fantasists) is available on, with the following descriptive text provided by Amazon which questions the reliability of Holocaust testimonies:  

"Over the years, the Holocaust has become a totally taboo and sacred subject in our Western societies. It is not being probed by historians who might make it look "banal" – thus committing a supreme crime, so it has escaped the rational world and that of historical criticism to enter directly into the world of 'mystery' – not to say religion. In these circumstances, it is quite normal that clever little ones should exploit a promising field. This book recounts a number of proven deceptions by these Shoah liars: stories of imaginary sufferings or tribulations presented as being autobiographical. It also tells of the fabrications, exaggerations, inventions..." 

The Shoah Liars and Fantasists, with a cover depicting Pinocchio and his nose elongated from lying

French Antisemitic Authors Of Centuries Past Are Given New Life On Amazon

Antisemitic books written in past centuries are also available on

Édouard Adolphe Drumont (1844 –1917) was a French journalist and writer. He established the Antisemitic League in 1889 and was the founder and editor of the antisemitic La Libre Parole (Free Speech) newspaper. His book La France Juive (Jewish France) is promoted and sold on accompanied by the following descriptive text provided by Amazon: "... this Freemason Jewish Republic [in France] that they accused me of slandering... everyone could suddenly see it the way it [really] was: rotten to the marrow, decomposed, gangrenous, an unbearable smell of deadly decay spread over the whole country."

Jewish France, by Edouard Drumont

Edouard Drumont's Les Juifs contre la France (Jews against France) can also be found on Amazon, as well as his Testament d'un Antisémite (Testament of an Antisemite) and his other antisemitic books.

Jews against France; Testament of an Antisemite

Other French antisemitic authors whose books are for sale on Amazon include Albert Monniot (1862-1938),[9] who wrote Le Crime Rituel Chez les Juifs (The Jewish Ritual Crimes) and Léon de Poncins (1897-1975)[10] who wrote Les Juifs Maîtres du Monde (The Jews Masters Of The World).

The Jewish Ritual Crimes by Albert Monniot

The Jews, Masters of the World is presented as follows on "This book could be titled: 'Self-Portrayed Jews', because the author only collected... texts from the highest personalities of the Jewish world. Now these texts appear like both the most terrible of indictments and the most striking of confessions. Here is the key to the tragic drama which turns the world upside down and threatens to destroy civilization."

Léon de Poncins's antisemitic book La Mystérieuse Internationale Juive (The Mysterious International Jew) is promoted on as follows: "J. de Maistre wrote that 'those who deny [the existence of an] international conspiracy are of two kinds: fools and accomplices'. This book is an overview of the dreaded Jewish problem..."

The Mysterious International Jew, by Léon de Poncins

French Translations Of Major antisemitic Writings Available On Amazon

French translations of major antisemitic writings by Russian, American and other well-known antisemites from various countries are also for sale on The following are several examples:

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is for sale on in French during the holiday season, appearing on the site with the suggestion that customers buy books as Christmas gifts and the standard information that shipping is free.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is accompanied by the caption: "Christmas Reading"

Henry Ford's The International Jew is for sale on Amazon in French. The International Jew is a four-volume set of antisemitic booklets or pamphlets published in the early 1920s by American automobile manufacturer Henri Ford. Henri Ford's antisemitic views expressed in this book are said to have influenced Hitler.

The International Jew, Henry Ford

Hitler's propaganda minister Paul Joseph Goebbels can also be found among the authors translated into French on Goebbels advocated progressively harsher discrimination, including the extermination of Jews. His Nazi book Battle for Berlin has been translated into French and various editions of it are available on Amazon.

Battle for Berlin by Goebbels

Battle for Berlin by Goebbels, different publishing house

Finally, Hitler's Mein Kampf is also sold on with the Christmas caption recommending the purchase as "Christmas Reading."

Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler

* N. Szerman is director of MEMRI-French; P. Lurcat constributed to the research for this report.


[1], January 29, 2019.

[4] The Jewish Mafia is the title of Hervé Ryssen's book published by Baskerville in 2008.


[6] The French Gayssot Act, enacted in 1990, makes it an offense in France to question the existence or size of crimes against humanity such as the Holocaust.

[7], February 2, 2019.


[9] Albert Monniot was a French writer and journalist who published in the French antisemitic newspaper La Libre Parole (Free Speech).

[10] French aristocrat and traditional Catholic journalist and essayist Viscount Léon de Poncins (1897-1975) authored numerous books and articles developing the theory of a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy.

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