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Jul 19, 2021
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Dr. Ziyad Miqdad, Head Of Fatwa Committee At The Islamic University Of Gaza: Like A Father Beats His Son, Or A Mother Her Daughter, Wife-Beating Should Be Therapeutic, Not Vindictive

#8982 | 02:14
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

Dr. Ziyad Miqdad, head of the Fatwa Committee in the Islamic University of Gaza said that when a husband beats his wife, according to the Quran, the beatings must be done symbolically, and he should not beat the wife in a manner that causes injury. He made his remarks on a show that aired on Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas – Gaza) on July 8, 2021. Dr. Miqdad explained that the beatings should be therapeutic and not vindictive, but they should be like a guy beating his sweetheart, a father beating his son, and a mother beating her daughter. He said that the husband must beat his wife only in order to correct her ways and preserve the family life.

Ziyad Miqdad: "The purpose of [wife] beating is to warn the wife that the life of the family is in danger, and that the martial relations are in danger, and that she should be cautious and not let the family be destroyed and that our children and our future are not [adversely] affected. The beating should be symbolic. In case the beating is for real, certain terms and provisions must be met. First of all, the purpose of the beating must not be to exact revenge or to cause injury."

Interviewer: "So there are certain restrictions to this beating."

Miqdad: "Yes. First of all, the goal should be to mend [her ways] and protect [family] life. Secondly, when you beat [your wife] you should avoid hitting sensitive parts like the face or vital organs, and so on. It should not be a hard and vindictive beating. We are talking about your wife. There is a saying: The beloved’s fist is as sweet as raisins. The husband’s beating of his wife – if it happens at all – should be like a guy beating his sweetheart. Join me in picturing what beating someone you love should look like. It is like when a father beats his son, or when a mother beats her daughter for doing something wrong. It should be a therapeutic beating, rather than a vindictive one. The goal is to correct the wide and warn her that she did something wrong, and only in cases when she does not respond to admonishment and to [husband] forsaking [her in bed]. Beating should be the last resort. Therefore, this [Quranic] verse protects martial life and the family."

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