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Apr 30, 2007
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Zero Degree Orbit (Episode 2): Zionist Conspirator Escapes Jail and Gets Killed

#1565 | 07:43
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Following are excerpts from episode 2 of "Zero Degree Orbit," an Iranian drama series which aired on Channel 1, Iranian TV on April 30, 2007:

Dr. Parsa: In fact, your assumption was correct, Mr. Menuhin. The evidence suggests that in all likelihood, it was the handiwork of fanatic Jews.

Anti-Zionist Rabbi Menuhin: It is more likely the work of the Jewish Agency. They don't mind presenting life here as scary and unsafe, in order to convince as many Jews as possible to emigrate to Palestine. What is the name of the man you arrested?

Major Fatahi: Yaakub Kasas. Mr. Daud Yudein said you know him.

Rabbi Menuhin: Yes, he used to attend the meetings of our association. Has this Mr. Kasas admitted to anything significant yet?

Major Fatahi: Not yet, but don't worry. Sooner or later we will get him to talk.


Major Fatahi confronts Yaakub Kasas in his jail cell.

Major Fatahi: I heard you have decided to remain silent.

Yaakub Kasas: I will talk only in the presence of my lawyer.

Major Fatahi: Fine, but you can be sure that if you remain silent, your situation will go from bad to worse, especially since a police officer was severely wounded in this incident. Ultimately, we need to understand why Rabbi Yizhak was murdered, why you kidnapped Daud Yudein, and why you made great efforts to present yourselves as anti-Jewish elements supporting Germany. Most importantly, I need information about the identity of the fugitive. I will get the answers to all these questions out of you.

Yaakub Kasas: You were really offended that we presented ourselves as Germanophiles, right? Maybe you support the Germans too, you anti-Semitic fascist.

Major Fatahi: Listen, two other people apart from Rabbi Yizhak were involved in this incident. Who knows, maybe you are the fourth. For your own good, you'd better cooperate with us.

Yaakub Kasas: I know nothing about these people.

Major Fatahi: No hurry. You will gradually come to the conclusion that the patience of Major Fatahi, when dealing with the likes of you, is like the patience of Job.


Rabbi Menuhin: Over the past few days, in some planned and accidental meetings with colleagues, I asked them to let me know if they have any information about the arrested suspect, Yaakub Kasas. He was seen several times in meetings organized by the Zionist Agency – meetings aimed at encouraging the emigration of Jews to Palestine. By the way, his family left Iran some time ago, along with some Jews who wanted to emigrate.

Major Fatahi: If I'm not mistaken, you said earlier that Rabbi Yizhak, may he rest in peace, was often in conflict with a group of influential and extremist Jews. Why?

Rabbi Menuhin: Because he believed that the homeland of every Jew is the country in which he lives, and this runs counter to the slogan of the Zionist Agency about establishing a Jewish state in Palestine.

Major Fatahi: I don't understand politics. In fact, I despise all politicians and diplomats, but I hope I can put the information you have given me to good use.

Rabbi Menuhin: I hope you succeed.


A pistol is secretly delivered to the cell of Yaakub Kasas.


Yaakub Kasas holds a police sergeant and captain hostage, threatening to kill them.

Yaakub Kasas: Don't come any closer! I told you not to come near. Tell them to put down their guns, otherwise I will blow his brains out. Hurry up.

Major Fatahi motions to policemen to drop their weapons.

Yaakub Kasas: You too. Put your guns down on the floor.

Major Fatahi: You'd better stop this stupidity. You are only making things worse for yourself.

Yaakub Kasas: Shut up, Major. Until now, you've been asking the questions, now you have to answer mine. I'm sure you don't want me to blow your colleague's brains out with one shot, do you? Answer me, you idiot.

Major Fatahi: No, I don't.

Yaakub Kasas: Very well, we can cut a deal. What do you think, Major? Now listen up, and hear what I have to say. You will give me a car and a driver, and I promise that the moment I get out of here and reach somewhere safe, I will set them both free. What do you think? That's a good idea, right?

Major Fatahi: There's nowhere for you, Yaakub. You won't get very far.

Yaakub Kasas: That's my business. You just follow my orders, or else I'll leave a body here. Get a move on.

Police chief shoots Yaakub Kasas in the chest.

Major Fatahi: Are you okay, sergeant?

Policeman: Come on, captain, if you drink this sugar water, you'll feel better.

Major Fatahi: This step was not necessary at all, sir. Eventually, I would have disarmed him somehow.

Police chief: At that moment, I couldn’t think of anything else.

Major Fatahi: But sir, he's our only lead in this affair.

Police chief: The lives of my men mean more to me than anything else. You're right. We have to check who put the gun in his cell.

Police chief: Yes, that's a very important point. I'll do it myself.

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