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Jan 24, 2005
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Zahra's Blue Eyes - Episode 7: Zahra Is Blinded, Rest of Characters Are Killed

#508 | 20:36
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from episode 7 of the Iranian antisemitic series Zahra's Blue Eyes that was aired on Sahar 1 TV on January 24, 2005. The series is dubbed into Arabic:

Palestinian: Where do you think Abd Al-Rahman and Zahra are now?

Zanyab: According to our information, they are now at the mansion.

Teacher: Before his martyrdom, Yasser sent a message that she would be moved to the hospital tomorrow, for the operation.

Isma'il: They may do the deed tomorrow. Abu Hamad, patience will not help here. I will get to the hospital today, one way or another.

Abu Hamad: You will not succeed by yourself. Our operation should be carefully planned. We must avoid raising suspicions. Don't act on your emotions, Isma'il.

Isma'il: What should we do then?

Abu Hamad: If Zaynab accompanies you, they will not be suspicious of you. You must know that infiltrating enemy territory is not a simple matter. Therefore, it is better if Zaynab accompanies you.

Grandfather Abd Al-Rahman: Peace be upon you, the Prophet. Allah's blessing and mercy be upon you. God, I pray to you…

Israeli General: What happened? Are you scared, old man?

Grandfather Abd Al-Rahman: I am afraid for you. You terrible day awaits you. A terrible day – As if the day you were born, your mother foretold this evil. And you are only in the beginning, you miserable man. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is His messenger… Zahra… Zahra… Zahra…

Israeli Colonel: He is dead, sir.

Israeli General: Are you sure?

Israeli Colonel: Yes, sir.

Israeli General: But he looks alive…

Israeli Colonel: No sir, he is dead.

Isma'il: What did you find out?

Zanyab: I've searched the halls and asked many people until they got suspicious.

Isma'il: Good, get in. Did you search the eye ward?

Zanyab: Yes, she is not there. Either we got here too early or else the operation was postponed.

Isma'il: How about checking out the mansion?

Zahra: I'm scared.

Nurse: Don't be scared, my dear. Don't be scared, Zahra.

Zahra: Where are we going?

Nurse: It's nothing, just a simple operation.

Zahra: Please, miss. I'm scared.

Nurse: I told you not to be scared. Here, come in. Come in.

Zahra: No!

Doctor: Come, my dear. Come.

Israeli General: Get in, you stubborn girl!

Zahra: No. I won't go in until my grandpa Abd Al-Rahman comes here.

Israeli General: Come and get in! Where do you think you're running? Come, quickly.

Israeli General: Come and get in. Move. Come on, quickly. Take her. Damn child.

Zahra: Why am I being operated on? I am not sick. My eyes are healthy, and I see everything. By God, I am not lying to you.

Nurse: Shut up. I am not a doctor. Crying is bad for you, you… Shut up, I told you to shut up. I told you not to cry. Crying is bad for your eyes.

Zahra: Grandpa, grandpa…

Israeli General: Good. Come, sir.

Zahra: For God's sake, don't give me a shot. For God's sake, don't give me a shot. Please, please. For God's sake, don’t come near me with that needle. Brother Isma'il, grandpa… Help me, help me, help me… Grandpa, grandpa, Isma'il… Isma'il…

My eyes, my eyes… I can't see a thing… Why have you covered my eyes?

Nurse: Calm down. Don't move. Let me make your bed.

Zahra: Where am I? What's happened to my eyes? I can't see a thing. My eyes hurt. My eyes hurt… My eyes…

Yitzhak Cohen: Good. Everything must go according to plan, and I don't want the reporters to know anything yet. After we are sure about Theodor's eyes, we can reveal everything.

Israeli General: Sir, what do we do with the girl?

Yitzhak Cohen: She will stay here for a day or two, and then you must put an end to this business. You know the girl must die.

Israeli General: Yes, sir.

Nurse: Your eyes were operated on. This is a hospital. It is best that you don't cry. Crying hurts your eyes.

Zahra: How long have I been here at the hospital?

Nurse: A few hours.

Zahra: When will my eyesight return?

Nurse: You must be patient, my dear. Don't worry, worrying is bad for you. Don't cry.

Zahra: I see everything black. I am asking you – will I ever see again?

Nurse: Yes. Yes, my dear.

Zahra: For God's sake, give me back my sight. I smell, I smell… I smell something.

Nurse: Who do you smell?

Zahra: I smell Isma'il.

Isma'il: Let's go in.

I smell my brother, Isma'il. Isma'il, Isma'il…

Isma'il: Zahra, my dear… What have they done to you?

Zahra: They hit me and grandpa.

Isma'il: Why did they gorge your pretty eyes out? My God, what have you done to deserve this?

Zaynab: We mustn't waste time. The nurse might come back.

Zahra: Is Dr. Zaynab here?

Zanyab: We're with you, and we'll never leave you alone. Isma'il, we must hide. The nurse is coming.

Isma'il: Zahra, don't move.

Yitzhak Cohen: Until Theodor opens his eyes, I don't want anyone to know anything. We will leave the media hype to when Theodor's eyes open. Go now, and get ready to finish off the girl, clear?

Israeli General: At your command, sir. I will give the necessary orders.

Yitzhak Cohen: I will see you at the mansion. Go.

Israeli officer: What's wrong, sir?

Israeli General: Nothing.

Israeli General: Damn!

Teacher: Zahra. My dear Zahra.

Zahra: Is that you, my teacher?

Teacher: Yes, dear. What have they done to you?

Zahra: They operated on my eyes. They said that they would get better. Please tell me… Tell me, are they telling the truth?

Teacher: No, my dear. No. From now on… From now on we will all be your eyes and you will see through us. You are a witness, a witness, a witness.

Zahra will never see again. Her eyes will never see again.

Zahra: You mean I will be blind forever? Tell me. Grandpa Rahman, brother Isma'il.

Isma'il: Allah Akbar!

Crowd: Allah Akbar! Death to Israel! Death to Israel! Death to Israel! Stone them! Stone them! Death to Israel!

Israeli soldier: You idiots, send us backup. It's raining stoning. We can't resist them.

Israeli colonel: Sir, the doctor has come to see Theodor's eyes.

Yitzhak Cohen: Very well. Take the doctor to Theodor's room. I will join you shortly.

Israeli colonel: Yes, sir.

Doctor: Now open your eyes slowly. Yes. Wonderful.

Abu Hamad: The mass demonstrations because of what befell Zahra and Abd Al-Rahman's martyrdom have made everybody's blood boil.

Isma'il: The that will appease me – the one and only thing - is a martyrdom operation.

Palestinian: Abu Hamad, we are all prepared to commit martyrdom.

Zaynab: If you don't object, I am also prepared.

teacher: And me too.

Isma'il: No one is more deserving of blood vengeance than me. The choice is mine, my friends.

Palestinian: Everything is alright. Carry out the operation.

Yitzhak Cohen: Today, you've been invited to this celebration, which is a step toward the greater celebration we anticipate on the day we control everything between the Euphrates and the Nile, and control the black gold in that area. And now… Many of you have asked me, maybe even with criticism, why we used the eyes of a Palestinian girl to treat the eyes of my son, Theodor. Now I will answer all of your questions. This land, and everything on it, belongs solely to us. We own everything. We are taking back what belongs to us Jews. The only ones to benefit from the gift God planted in the Jews' blood are us and us alone. We won't share this gift with anyone. The eyes and hearts of the Palestinian Arabs, even the Christian ones, are like fruits growing on the trees in our orchards. We will enjoy the fruits of our orchards any way we like. No one has the right to stand in our way merely to benefit from what he has.

Israeli general: Friends, raise your glasses and let's toast Theodor and the regaining of the Promised Land. Drink up!

Isma'il: "Among the believers are men who were true to their covenant with Allah. Among them are those who died, and those who are still waiting, but have not changed in the least…"

[Drives car stuffed with bombs into the house where general is celebrating with friends. House goes up in flames.]

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