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Jan 03, 2005
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Zahra's Blue Eyes - Episode 4: Zionists Prepare to Implant Zahra's Eyes in Theodor

#458 | 07:43
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from Episode four of the new antisemitic Iranian TV series " For you, Palestine" or "Zahra's Blue Eyes":


Itzhak Cohen: What happened?

Soldier: I'm so angry, it's unbearable. Sir, I'm almost going crazy because of this filthy Arab…

Itzhak Cohen:Did he annoy you again?

Soldier: This old man is suspicious of us. If you allow me, I will finish him off…

Itzhak Cohen: Don't be stupid, you… You must keep the girl healthy. I want her as strong as possible. If anything were to happen to her grandfather, she may fall sick.

Soldier: What should I do with him?

Itzhak Cohen: Scare him a little. That will do.

Soldier: I hear and obey!

Doctor: OK, my girl. Look up. Yes. Open your eyes.

Zahra: OK

Soldier: Are you happy here with us?

Zahra: Yes, this place is beautiful.

Soldier: Well said, but you should thank the owner of this place.

Zahra: Are you the owner of this place?

Itzhak Cohen: Yes.

Zahra: I envy you.

Itzhak Cohen: Why?

Zahra: Because your property is vast and very beautiful and everything here is new and clean, and there is room for everyone from the refugee camp. There is room for everyone.

Itzhak Cohen: You can stay here if you like.

Zahra: And what about my Grandpa?

Nurse: OK Zahra, it's over.

Doctor: Things are going better than we imagined, sir.

Itzhak Cohen: Speed things up, you must perform the operation ASAP.

Old man: Come out. Isma'il, come out.

Isma'il: What happened?

Old man: Zaynab, it would be better if you explained the situation to Isma'il.

Zaynab: According to the information we got from the UN people about the eye disease… They said that there is no such disease at all!

Woman: It was all a scam.

Old man: Right. The UN people monitor such affairs and file charges against the Zionists.

Isma'il: Why?

Zaynab: A UN team was detained for several days with all its equipment in one of the Jewish settlements. We were naive and fell in their trap.

Old man: Don't worry. Our people are watching them. They've been moved from the hospital to somewhere else. Our intelligence people are following them to discover the new location.

Isma'il: OK, what is our mission?

Old man: I don't know. We'll see if Yasser can help us.

Old man: Do you know where Abd Al-Rahman and Zahra are now?

Yasser: By Allah, I do not know. They told me that a UN medical team would arrive at the refugee camp, and that I must inform them if it arrived or not. By Allah, it is the truth. Give me another chance. I will find them myself. Give me another chance.

Abd Al-Rahman: What do you want from me? Why did you bring me here?

Soldier: You'd better shut up. As I told you earlier, you are here for treatment. This is a convalescent home, get it? You'd better not ask the nurses or anyone else anything.

Second soldier: We have a lot of evidence against you.

Soldier: I know your sons are among the terrorists.

Abd Al-Rahman: They fight for their land and their people.

Soldier: Shut up! From now on you mustn't say a word. Understand?! Otherwise you will pay for your stupidity with your life.

Itzhak Cohen: This is my son. He is my only child. His name is Theodor. Would you play with him?

Zahra: Yes. I am tired of being alone.

Itzhak Cohen: He is the only reminder I have of my wife. I hope I can make all his wishes come true - whatever they may be. Whatever they may be. Come. Come here and play with him.

Itzhak Cohen: Do you think we can implant the eyes of this Palestinian girl in my son?

Doctor: Yes, sir.

Itzhak Cohen: And what is the Palestinian girl's condition? We must start working quickly. There is no point in waiting.

Doctor: The test results are good. Her physical condition will contribute to the success of the operation. Her eyes are good for Theodor.

Itzhak Cohen: What is the success rate of the operation?

Doctor: For which of them? Your son or the Palestinian girl?

Itzhak Cohen: My son, of course.

Doctor: The physical condition of the Palestinian girl and your son's test result are very encouraging.

Itzhak Cohen: Be careful, I don't want you to make any mistakes during the operation.

Doctor: Of course.

Itzhak Cohen: OK, go…

Theodor: Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

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