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Dec 20, 2004
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Zahra's Blue Eyes - Episode 2: Palestinian Children Are taken to Israeli Hospital

#431 | 06:31
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from the new antisemitic Iranian TV series " For you, Palestine" or "Zahra's Blue Eyes":

Doctor: Welcome, sir, the president is in the operating room.

General: The president is indebted to you. He still can't believe that he has been granted his life back, even though he suffers from old age and heart failure.

Yitzhak Cohen: He shouldn't think it was easy...

General: His family knows everything that is going on. We've shown the president a list of operations we've preformed on people, including the examinations. The old man was very pleased. He couldn't believe that we got 32 hearts - 32 beating hearts!

Yitzhak Cohen: From now on we will accomplish more important things. We will revive all the dying people, whichever way we want.

General: Sir, the unit is ready to move towards the refugee camp.

Yitzhak Cohen: Good, you had better be with them. You know how important this girl is to me.

Teacher: Are you ready?

Students: Yes.

Teacher: Alright, write down.

Teacher: The last Friday…

Students: The last Friday…

Teacher: Of the month…

Students: Of the month…

Teacher: Don't copy! I can see you!

Teacher: The month of Ramadan…

Students: The month of Ramadan…

Teacher: Was called…

Students: Was called…

Teacher: By Imam Khomeini…

Students: By Imam khomeini…

Teacher: Who is mourned by most of the Islamic world and who led the Islamic revolution in Iran - he called it "Global Jerusalem Day."

Nurse: We didn't see any symptoms in the children.

Doctor:In the early stages of this disease there are no symptoms. We will first take the children who might have contracted the disease.

Where are you taking them, and for how long?

Doctor: To hospital with as advanced laboratory. Those who are healthy will return quickly, Don't worry too much.

Israeli unit commander: There you go. I told you we wouldn't be long.

UN hostage: I'll file a complaint against you.

Israeli unit commander: Why?

UN hostage: You have abused UN uniforms and its name.

Israeli unit commander: This is a humanitarian act. Don't be nervous, it's bad for you.

UN hostage: You will have to account for your deeds in court. You forced us into your car.

Israeli unit commander: Listen, you… If you dare open your mouth even once and talk about what happened, I will look for you everywhere, and finish you off. Understood?

Child: Uncle Ahmad, why don't we have lands like this that we could cultivate, and build houses on? Why, Uncle Ahmad? Tell me.

Uncle Ahmad: Everything you see, the lands, the water, the air, and the birds, everything used to belong to us.

Child: So where are they?

Uncle Ahmad: They exist.

Child: Where?

Uncle Ahmad: In our hearts. They built these settlements on our lands by force.

Camp nurse: All of this is the land of Palestine, our land, the land of our forefathers. How does the poem you recite in school go? Oh Palestine, Oh Jerusalem… This is our country, but the Zionists took it from us by force. We fought for our homeland, and we will keep fighting, do you understand? Do you? We have sacrificed martyrs for it, and we will continue to sacrifice everything until we liberate our land.

Ambulance driver: We are here.

Camp nurse: Step down carefully…

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