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Aug 08, 2004
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Yousuf Ishrafi on "The Jewish Nature"

#206 | 01:55
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Host, Ibrahim Madhi : What do you say about these conspiracies against the Al-Aqsa Mosque? How can we deal with them?

Dr. Yousuf Ishrafi: This excellent question leads me to talk about the Jewish nature, as it appears in the Koran and Suna. We are not surprised by anything, because Allah said about them: "whenever a messenger came to you with anything you did not desire you behaved arrogantly, and you called some liars, and some you slew?"

They specialized in killing their own prophets, not just any prophets. What we see today? Whoever studies the Koran, lives the Suna, and knows the Prophet's history with the tribes of Qaynuqa', Nadhir, Khaybar, and Qurayza can see that the situation is as Allah said, "Whenever they make a covenant a party of them breaks it."

The worst thing is that they were impudent towards Allah and said, "Allah's hand is bound. Their own hands were bound and they were cursed by Allah because of what they say. His hands are wide open. He bestows as He pleases." Also, they said, "Allah is poor and we are rich." Anyone who reads the Koran, the Sunna, and history, cannot reject the possibility of a plot against our religion from this kind of people.

I do not distinguish between the so-called extremists and those who are not considered to be extremists. In all honesty, when (former Israeli PM) Barak said goodbye to the Palestinian people before he went on his way ? and, Allah willing, to Hell - he said goodbye using poison gasses, and he is considered a dove. They all get their instructions from one book, they all seek the proximity of their devils by distancing themselves from the religion of Allah and plotting against this blessed mosque.

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