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Aug 01, 2011
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Yo Mama... Saudis Ashamed to Reveal Their Mothers' Names

#3121 | 02:29
Source: The Internet

Following are excerpts from a Saudi TV channel street survey, posted on the Internet on August 2011:

TV host: We asked various people a simple question. It is a very easy question that anyone could answer, but the responses we got were strange.

The question was: "What is your mother's name?" Take a look at the responses we got.

Reporter: Good evening.

Saudi man on the street (Talal 'Awafi): Good evening to you too.

Reporter: What is your name?

Talal 'Awafi: Talal 'Awafi.

Reporter: Nice to meet you, Talal. What is your mother's name?

Talal 'Awafi (laughs in embarrassment): Stop. What kind of question is this – and on TV?! I can't tell you.

Reporter: Say your mother's name, just for me.

Talal 'Awafi: I'll tell you in private.

Reporter: If I tell you my mother's name, will you tell me yours?

Talal 'Awafi: Not even then.

Reporter: Thank you.

Reporter: What's your mother's name?

Second man: My mother's name? What's it to you?

Reporter: I'm just asking.

Second man: No, it's not done.

Reporter: You're "old school" then?

Second man: No, no.

What's my mother's name?!

Reporter: The show requires…

Second man: No, absolutely not.

Reporter: What if I tell you my own mother's name?

Second man: I didn't ask you to.

No, I won't tell you.

Reporter: Come on, it's totally normal. I'll reward you if you do.

Second man: What will you give me?

Reporter: Whatever you want.

Second man: Okay, maybe I can tell you.

Reporter: Be brave, there's nothing to it.

Second man: I'm looking for a nice name…

Reporter: Thanks very much. Well done. Do you want to say it? Last chance.

Second man: I will say it. She is called Raisa, may God protect her.


Reporter: What's your mother's name?

Third man: Umm Abdallah.

Reporter: No, what's her real name?

Third man: Umm Sa'd.

Reporter: Her given name, not Umm Sa'd…

Third man: Eve.

Laughter among the group of young Saudis

Third man: Eve, daughter of Eve.

Reporter: But what's her real name?

If you tell me your mother's name…

Third man: I won't tell you. What am I, crazy?

Reporter: So I'm crazy then? Very nice.


Fourth man: The wife of Abu Osama.

Reporter: Okay, but what's her first name?

Fourth man: The same as I said.

Reporter: Exactly the same.

Fourth man: No difference.

Reporter: If I tell you that my mother's name is Fatima, will you tell me yours?

Fourth man: Your mother has a nice name, but I'll keep mine to myself.


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