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Feb 20, 2021
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Yemeni Political Analyst Salim Al-Muntaser: Tel Aviv Will Be Targeted By Missiles From Yemen; Peace Between Iran And The West Only After ‘Zionist Entity’ Is Removed

#8722 | 02:31
Source: Al-Quds Al-Youm TV (Palestine - Islamic Jihad)

Yemeni political analyst Salim Al-Muntaser said that peace between Iran and the Western powers will only come after the “Zionist entity” is revmoed, which he said will happen soon. Al-Muntaser made these remarks in an interview with Al-Quds Al-Youm TV (Islamic Jihad – Gaza) that aired on February 24, 2021. He said that once this happens, Arab and Islamic countries will enjoy peace and security, because the Zionist entity is behind all the tragedies, problems, and strife in the Arab and Islamic lands and all over the world. Al-Muntaser said that the American Patriot missiles failed to protect Saudi Arabia against the Houthi attacks against it, and this means that there is no longer any significance to an American presence in the region, and soon there will be a complete American withdrawal from the region. He added that after this happens, he expects that missiles will be launched from Yemen to the “so-called ‘Tel Aviv’” and the “Zionist entity would be destroyed.” Al-Muntaser said that it is the interest of “the Americans and Zionists” to negotiate Iran’s nuclear program, because they are terrified of the thought of Iran producing nuclear weapons and using them to “exterminate the Zionist entity.”

Salim Al-Muntaser: "Ansar Allah's strikes have worn Saudi Arabia down, and have turned their American weapons into scrap metal. The advanced American Patriot missiles cannot intercept drones and ballistic missiles that are considered primitive. Therefore, there is no longer any significance to American presence in the Middle East. Soon we will witness a complete American withdrawal [from the region]. After that, there is no doubt that the Zionist entity will not be strong enough to face the resistance axis. I will not be surprised, and I expect that missiles will be launched from Saada and Sanaa in Yemen towards the so-called 'Tel-Aviv' and the Zionist entity will be destroyed. 


"The Iranian issue will not be resolved and the siege on Iran will not be lifted, because the Islamic Republic has undertaken an endeavor to root out the Zionist entity from the region. If the U.S. keeps protecting the Zionists, the problem will not be resolved. 


"The Islamic Republic does not need the nuclear agreement. It does not need to sit at the negotiating table. It is the Americans and the Zionists who needs this. They are terrified by the thought that the Islamic Republic would produce nuclear weapons and exterminate the Zionist entity. 


"The U.S. will never change its position towards the Islamic Republic. There is only one scenario in which there will be a permanent and comprehensive peace between Western powers and the Islamic Republic – after the removal of the Zionist entity. And inshallah it will be removed very soon. At that point, occupied Palestine will return to the hands of its sons, and then the Arab and Islamic world, as well as all the countries in the world will enjoy peace and security, because the Zionist entity is behind all the tragedies, problems, and strife in our Arab and Islamic lands and all over the world.

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