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Aug 24, 2015
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Yemeni MP Muhammad Muqbil Al-Himyari Breaks Down in Tears When Discussing Situation in Taiz, Yemen

#5060 | 01:52

In a recent TV interview, Yemeni MP Muhammad Muqbil Al-Himyari broke down in tears when describing the situation in Taiz, Yemen. "I am not speaking metaphorically when I say that the city is being annihilated," said Al-Himyari, appealing to the Saudi king to "come to our rescue." The interview aired on the Yemeni Suhail TV channel on August 24, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Interviewer: The militia of the Houthis and of [Ali Abdallah] Saleh is targeting civilians. Why did the militia increase its targeting of civilians in Taiz? Is it trying to cover up its losses by bombing innocent women and children?


How do you view the victories of the resistance and all that is happening in Taiz?

Muhammad Muqbil Al-Himyari: Brother, words cannot describe what is happening in Taiz. The city is suffering... The [Houthis] are not bombing the resistance. They are bombing women and children.

Interviewer: The resistance is acting heroically.

Muhammad Muqbil Al-Himyari: That's right. We call upon the president to implement what was agreed upon yesterday. We appeal to the [Saudi] king and to everybody: Our people are being killed. A city in its entirety... I am not speaking metaphorically when I say that the city is being annihilated. That's the reality. When will they hear us if not today? Taiz kept its head high when many surrendered. Taiz... Our voices have become hoarse. Our own people say that we [politicians] are being remiss, but they do not know that we die several times each day.


If you don't come to our rescue, when will you come?! When we are completely broken? That will never happen! Taiz will not be broken. I shed tears of sorrow for the people but Taiz stands proud. Taiz will remain an arrow, a thorn in the throats of the Persians.


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