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Nov 18, 2020
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Houthi Official Boshra Al-Mahtouri: 9/11 Was A Jewish, Christian Conspiracy To Launch A Crusade Against The Muslims

#8478 | 02:48
Source: Al-Eman TV (Yemen)

Yemeni TV host Boshra Al-Mahtouri, the Undersecretary for Girls’ Education in the Houthi Ministry of Education, said in a November 18, 2020 show on Al-Eman TV (Houthis – Yemen) that media disinformation is a form of “soft” warfare used by the Jews and the Christians against the Muslims. She elaborated that the most salient example of this was the 9/11 attacks, in which she claimed no planes were involved and which she said were part of a long-term strategy to launch a crusade against the Muslims. Al-Mahtouri said that the towers were toppled in a deliberate detonation, that security measures had been suspiciously decreased just before the attacks, and that 4,000 Jews had not showed up to work on the day of the attacks.

Boshra Al-Mahtouri: "Dear viewers, in a previous installment of our show, we talked about media disinformation as one of the means of soft warfare, which is used by the Jews and the Christians in their war against our nation.


"One of the most salient examples of massive media disinformation was the 9/11 incidents. This was a major scheme the goal of which was to wage a Crusade against the Arab and Islamic world. This, indeed, happened. First, they invaded Afghanistan and destroyed it. Then, they did the same to Iraq. Then they destroyed the new Middle East, including Libya, Syria, and Yemen. All this was part of a colonialist war for which they devised a long-term strategy. Let us talk about media disinformation in regard to the 9/11 incidents. The investigations proved that the towers at the WTC were not hit by a plane at all. In fact, these were explosions. The towers were packed with explosive devices from top to bottom. This is why they collapsed all at once. All the experts in the building of homes and villas, and all the architects, have said that no matter how much explosives an airplane carries, it cannot make hundreds of floors explode and collapse in such a manner. This is impossible, and it was proven by the leading architects. Another thing that indicates that this was nothing but a theatrical farce is that no part of plane wreckage was found, not even the black box.


"Six hours before the tower exploded, the U.S. government withdrew the dogs that specialize in the detection of explosives. They also took away the devices that detect weapons. The explosions occurred on 9/11, but a few days before, these dogs had been withdrawn. This raises a lot of questions.


"What is even stranger and more important is that on that day, 4,000 Jews did not go to work at the WTC towers. 4,000 Jews. This shows this was a premeditated conspiracy. From that moment, the world has become a victim of this massive media disinformation."

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