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Jul 14, 2018
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Yemeni Hip Hop Dance Crew Breaks Cultural Norms Against Backdrop of the Civil War

#6931 | 01:50
Source: The Internet - "WaxOn on YouTube"

This clip is a compilation of videos by WaxOn Crew, a hip hop dance group based in Mukalla, Yemen, that consists of five members. The group performs wearing Guy Fawkes masks. The videos were uploaded to WaxOn Crew's YouTube video between July 14 and November 30, 2018, and include a performance at an event titled "Our Art is Peace", which was held by Meemz Art for Change. The following was written at the end of the video of the Meemz performance: "Seeing the effects of our art and how it touches the hearts of the people is the most powerful source of motivation, despite the obstacles." This clip also includes a flash mob performance at the Mukalla mall, a performance at a carnival in Hadhramaut, Yemen, and a "dance vlog" featuring the group members at the beach. In December 2018, the group was briefly detained by Yemeni security forces, who also broke their equipment. The group members were only released after they had signed a document stating that they would stop dancing in public, and they later reported to Reuters that the security officers had said that their dancing was a religious sin, and that they had been treated as if they were terrorists.

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