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Jan 21, 2022
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Yemeni Political Analyst Abdulmalik Alyosofi: The Houthis Are Worse Than The Nazis, Only Military Action Can Solve The Situation In Yemen

#9333 | 01:30
Source: Sky News Arabia (UAE)

Yemeni political analyst Abdulmalik Alyosofi said in a January 21, 2022 interview on Sky News Arabia (UAE) that the Houthi militias are worse than the Nazis. He said that had the world agreed to a truce with the Nazis instead of defeating them, the world would have been a different place, with "hundreds of millions of victims in consecutive conflicts" instead of the "civilized world that we see today." Alyosofi elaborated that the only solution when negotiations reach a dead end is military action in which there is a definite victor, saying this is the only solution to the situation in Yemen.

Abdulmalik Alyosofi: "Often, when the purely political track of negotiations comes to an end, and there is a deadlock — as Saudi FM Faisal Bin Farhan described the situation, when he said that the political track in Yemen has come to a dead end — then other solutions must be found. The most useful of these solutions is a massive military operation, which enables the victor to impose his conditions.

"If we look back to the middle of the 20th century — if the world had reached a truce with the Nazis, we would not have seen the civilized world that we see today, with its values and its humanity. We would have seen a different world, and hundreds of millions of victims in consecutive conflicts, if the world had reached a truce with the Nazis. But the world took a resolute stand and imposed the victor's conditions on the Nazis, thus imposing a new reality.

"I believe that there is no difference between Nazism and what the Houthi militia espouses, except that the Houthi militia is uglier and more extremist. It is involved in ideological terror and organized crime. The Nazis had the means of a state at their disposal, while [the Houthis] have the means of organized crime. Therefore, the world must arrive at the same conclusion as the Yemenis have."

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