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Feb 21, 2021
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Yemeni Politician Ali Al-Bukhaiti: Houthis Are Terrorists, Like ISIS And Al-Qaeda; They Chant 'Death To America,' Yet The U.S. Defends Them Because They Are More Competent Than The Corrupt And Failing Hadi Government

#8720 | 02:52
Source: The Internet - "Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV Show (Kuwait)"

Yemeni politician Ali Al-Bukhaiti said that Hadi's Legitimate Government is worse for Yemen than the Houthis, whose security control is similar to that of ISIS or Al-Qaeda. He made these remarks in an interview with Diwan Al-Mulla Online TV (Kuwait) that aired on February 21, 2021. Al-Bukhaiti said that supporting the corrupt members of the Legitimate Government is a bigger crime than the crime of the Houthis. He said that the Legitimate Government has made the international community sympathize with the Houthis, even though the Houthis chant "Death to America." He added that the Americans are defending the Houthis today because they realize that the areas under their control are safer than the areas under the control of the legitimate government and that even though the Houthi security control resembles that of ISIS or Al-Qaeda, the international community does not see them as such because they do not target Americans. He lamented: "Yemen is destined to return to the age of the dinosaurs."

Ali Al-Bukhaiti: "Unfortunately, the Houthis have become fait accompli, because of [Hadi's] Legitimate Government's failure in confronting them. The Legitimate Government has been living in hotels for 6-7 years. The Yemenis do not trust this Legitimate Government anymore. The very people who had failed to protect the country, when they had control of institutions, military bases, and a huge army, were given the mission of restoring Yemen – from their hotels in Riyadh. I believe that the decision to use the same people again constitutes a crime. Imagine a company whose directors' corruption and managing incompetence led to the company's bankruptcy and even to the collapse of the company's building. Then someone appoints the same corrupt and incompetent directors to rebuild the company and run it. I believe that supporting these members of the Legitimate Government is a bigger crime than the crime of the Houthis. 

"Our basic problem is not the Houthi movement. Our basic problem is the existence of this corrupt Legitimate Government, which has made the international community sympathize with the Houthis and support them. They have caused the United States... The Houthis chant 'Death to America,' yet today, America is defending the Houthis, because they have realized that the areas under Houthi control are safer than the areas under the control of [the Hadi government], even though the Houthis' security is terrorist in nature... This is not a positive security control. It resembles, one way or another, the control of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. However, the international community does not view the Houthis as ISIS or Al-Qaeda, because they do not target American citizens, even if they chant the slogan [of 'Death to America']. So they do not see a problem if the Houthis have control instead of the failing legitimate government.


"The Houthis deserve to be labeled a terrorist organization, and it was a mistake by the Americans to cancel this designation. 


"The Houthis engage in terrorism in a methodical manner, but unfortunately, the U.S. and the E.U. do not care about dead Yemenis, and so long as the Houthis do not kill Americans or Europeans, they will not designate them as terrorists. 


"Yemen is destined to return to the age of the dinosaurs. The Houthis take us back to an unimaginable era. We are heading towards living in caves. 


"A new generation of Yemenis are being taught today that Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi is the representative of Allah, that he has a connection with Allah, and that his decisions are the orders of Allah. A prophet! He is like a prophet, but they call him the representative of Allah."

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